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Google Searches For ‘Move To Canada’ Soar After Presidential Debate

Search popular in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Michigan
CANADA - 1960: A painting of a Canadian Mounted Policeman aka Mountie and a Canadian Flag in 1960 in Canada. (Illustration by
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Tuesday night’s debate between President Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden likely didn’t change any minds, but it did prompt some Americans to ponder their choice of homeland.

Google searches for “how to apply for Canadian citizenship” began spiking at 10:32 p.m., right at the end of the contentious debate. But apparently, a lot of people couldn’t sleep after the debate, as the search hit 100 (the maximum number) at 4:24 a.m., according to Google. Then everyone went to sleep, as the searches dropped to zero until 7:28 a.m, when they soared again.

The search was most popular in Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York, followed Illinois, Washington state, and Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania.

“‘How to move to Canada’ and ‘move to Canada‘ also experienced a surge in searches during the debacle of a debate, which was fraught with interruptions, unfinished points and nasty attacks,” the New York Post reported.

Some Twitterers were supportive, others not so much. “Cheering you all on from this side of the border! You got this!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Sorry, we’ve built a wall on our southern border,” wrote another.

The U.S. media almost unanimously agreed that the debate was a disaster, “That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck,” CNN host Jake Tapper said. “The worst debate I have ever seen; in fact, it wasn’t even a debate. It was a disgrace.”

Said CNN reporter Dana Bash, “It was a s*** show.”

Former CNN host Piers Morgan summed up the debate well, writing in the Daily Mail, “Rude, doddery Biden ‘won’ this shameful, humiliating sham of a debate but only because vile Trump and the impotent moderator were even worse – and the biggest losers from this mudslinging fiasco were the American people.”

Morgan continued:

To me, as someone said on Twitter, Trump resembled a drunken heckler at a comedy club who keeps hammering the acts thinking everyone’s cheering him on – when in fact they just want the nasty chuntering bore thrown out.

But awful though he was, Biden could and should have done so much more to counter and exploit the flailing president. Instead, the Democrat nominee was weak and ineffectual throughout the debate, failing to land any real blows on Trump even as America reels from his diabolical handling of the pandemic which has led to the worst coronavirus death toll in the world and the worst economic collapse too.

That doesn’t mean Morgan was a big Trump supporter. “The President basically brought his Twitter game to the debate – a relentless bombastic bombardment of abuse, personal jibes, self-justifying tripe and blatant falsehoods. In the worst of many awful moments, he refused to condemn white supremacists, and when specifically challenged about the Proud Boys, a vile racist homophobic transphobic misogynist group of violent bigots, he replied: ‘Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!'”

Said another Twitterer: “This is a 90 minute commercial for Canada.”

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