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Ginger ISIS Jihadist Accuses Elderly Man Of Being A ‘Sorcerer’ Before Ordering Execution

Not all gingers are evil, despite the crude stereotypes. But there’s one ginger in Syria that would give even Satan himself a run for his money. Photos released by jihadist networks near Damascus appear to show a ginger-bearded ISIS radical ordering the execution of an elderly man. His crime? Witchcraft. (Note: it’s 2016, soon to be 2017).

In the photos, a large crowd of bearded Muslim men and indoctrinated boys enthusiastically surround the ginger jihadist as he reads the charges leveled against the accused.

Labeling the elderly man a “practioner of magic” and a “sorcerer” the ginger jihadist ultimately summons a sword-wielding to decapitate the ISIS prisoner.

“The photos were released by ISIS in a report called the ‘Implementation of the law of Allah in the presence of Muslims’” explained The Daily Mail. “As is often the way with ISIS executions, the killing takes place in public in front of dozens of onlookers.”

It’s unclear where the peculiar-looking ginger jihadist is from, however.

The photos were reportedly taken in town square near the Syrian capital of Damascus, where the war for Syria’s soul has resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 people.

Most of the photos are too gruesome to show. In one disturbing image, the decapitated head of the elderly man is placed on top of his bloody torso.

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