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GHOULS: Celebrities, Leftists Tweet Appreciation For Trump Tower Fire That Left One Dead, Several Injured

By  Emily

While firefighters raced to put out a four-alarm blaze at New York City’s Trump Tower Saturday, celebrities and other assorted leftists took to Twitter to cheer on the blaze, and suggest Trump’s associates had started the fire to burn evidence.

Leading the charge was, ironically, founding flower child and musician, David Crosby, whose message of peace and harmony apparently only extends to people he agrees with. Crosby tweeted out a link to a story about the fire with the caption, “oh boy. burn, baby, burn.”

He eventually deleted the tweet, but the internet is forever.

The fire left one person dead and several others injured.

Crosby wasn’t the only one ghoulish enough to tweet his support as flames ripped through a 50th floor apartment in the iconic Midtown building, of course. A smattering of leftists also took to social media to . . . er . . . throw fuel on the fire.

“Mental health professional” Jeffrey Guterman claimed he was “excited” by the prospect of a destructive and dangerous fire at the high rise.

Others followed suit.

Guterman later explained that he was hoping there would be “no injuries” and is “less excited now,” but still “glad” and “hoping for major damage.” Charming.

Others had their own theories as to why flames had suddenly erupted from the building’s residential tower.

So, so funny.

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