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‘Get The F*** Out’: Philippines’ Foreign Minister Warns China On South China Sea

Says what brought the Philippines back toward the U.S. was "Trump, his strong foreign policy and his shared affection for Duterte and my deep liking for and implicit trust in Mike Pompeo."
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On Sunday night, the Foreign Minister of the Philippines, Teddy Locsin Jr., issued a fiery tweet targeting the Chinese Communist government and warning them about their incursions into the South China Sea, snapping on Twitter, “GET THE F*** OUT.”

Locsin’s tweet, which came in response to Chinese coast guard vessels harassing some ships from the Philippines, stated:

China, my friend, how politely can I put it? Let me see… O…GET THE FUCK OUT. What are you doing to our friendship? You. Not us. We’re trying. You. You’re like an ugly oaf forcing your attentions on a handsome guy who wants to be a friend; not to father a Chinese province.

When asked later about his strong rhetoric, Locsin replied, “Usual suave diplomatic speak gets nothing done,” the Daily Mail reported, adding, “The latest row was sparked by confrontations between rival coast guards around the Scarborough Shoal – an uninhabited island claimed by both nations.”

The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs said it “has protested the shadowing, blocking, dangerous maneuver and radio challenges by the Chinese coast guard of Philippine coast guard vessels conducting legitimate maritime patrols and training exercises” on April 24 and 25 near Scarborough Shoal, adding that it warned against “the incessant, illegal, prolonged and increasing presence of Chinese fishing vessels and maritime militia vessels in Philippine maritime zones,”

The Chinese Communist government reportedly claims most or all of the South China Sea. In 2016 an arbitration tribunal in The Hague ruled in a case brought by the Philippines that China did not have a legitimate claim to most of the South China Sea.  The New York Times reported, “The tribunal also said that China had violated international law by causing ‘irreparable harm’ to the marine environment, endangering Philippine ships and interfering with Philippine fishing and oil exploration.”

“But while the decision is legally binding, there is no mechanism for enforcing it, and China, which refused to participate in the tribunal’s proceedings, reiterated on Tuesday that it would not abide by it,” The Times added.

One resident of the Philippines asked Locsin, “Sir Teddy, what’s the next step? Are we getting any true aid from allies? How do position ourselves moving forward?”

“If we ask for it specifically,” Locsin answered. “But I’d rather polish institutional arrangements to more efficiently operationalize Mutual Defense Treaty—a Cold War thing that no protagonist in the South China Sea wants tampered with. All the big players have studied the provisions and worked out the scenarios thereunder to strategize accordingly. In the Struggle for Power in the South China, contenders want all sides to be predictable so no accidental conflicts; only the one they set their minds to—then they’ll let weaponry rip. U.S. & China militaries talk a lot to each other, I was assured, like U.S. and USSR in the Cold War. In my first or second meeting in Beijing, I gave assurances all around that the MDT would not be tampered with. And that the Americans don’t want it touched. It’s a treaty; U.S. Senate may not pass another.”

When someone opined, “It should be noted that the Philippines has very much swung back towards the United States since Biden come to office,” Locsin fired back, “Nah, What did that was Trump, his strong foreign policy and his shared affection for Duterte and my deep liking for and implicit trust in Mike Pompeo.”

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