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German Cafe Has Customers Try Something Outrageous To Ensure Social Distancing
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From the country that makes the famous spaetzle noodles comes another soon-to-be-famous use of noodles, but this time the noodles were on people’s heads. A cafe in Schwerin, Germany called the Cafe and Konditorei Rothe joked by having customers wear swimming pool noodles on their heads as a method to ensure proper social distancing. “Customers sitting outside Cafe and Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, Germany all had to wear straw hats with two swimming pool noodles taped to the top,” The Daily Mail reported.

A picture on Facebook of the experiment elicited various responses; one woman commented, “My husband had suggested a week ago that we in Spain should wear wide sombreros. Ahead of his time!” Another commenter wrote, “How awesome is this please? Irony and sarcasm  … very welcome at this time, from my point of view. Because that’s what it’s called so beautiful? HUMOR IS WHEN YOU LAUGH! That’s why thanks to the people who can be seen in the picture.”

The cafe itself acknowledged the joke the day after the picture was posted, writing on Facebook, “Life is better when you’re laughing.” The German magazine Stern reported, “In a first version of this article there was an example of the Cafe Rothe from Schwerin with swimming noodles as a spacer. It was a one time action.”

The Daily Mail noted, “Cafes and restaurants have started reopening across Germany as the country begins to ease itself out of lockdown. Local governments have been following their own timetables in letting restaurants and cafes reopen since May 11 as part of the careful easing of restrictions.”

At the end of April, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Helge Braun said Merkel and state government leaders would discuss plans to reopen schools and nurseries and resume sports events but wait until May 6 for data to see how the first efforts to ease the lockdown had worked, Braun said, “The contact restrictions will certainly now be extended until May 10 for the time being.”

Germany does want to be on the cutting edge in reacting to the virus lockdown, as The Daily Mail reported last week:

Club Index, in the German town of Schüttorf close to the border with the Netherlands, found an innovative way around the social distancing rules by hosting a drive-in rave. The club opened its car park to 250 cars, with each allowed two people inside, giving 500 ravers the opportunity to experience live club music for the first time in months. Dutch DJ Devin Wild was the headliner for the night, and took to social media to upload footage from the drive in rave to show the rest of the world that is possible to have a good party under crisis circumstances.

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