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Gerard Butler Lost His House In The California Wildfires. You Won’t BELIEVE Why Leftists Say They Don’t Feel Sorry For Him.

By  Emily Zanotti

Actor Gerard Butler lost his Malibu home in a raging wildfire last weekend, but leftists are having a tough time empathizing with the “300” star because he’s an unabashed supporter of the State of Israel.

Butler posted a photo of the charred remains of his house on both Twitter and Instagram, and took followers on a “tour” of what was left of his Malibu property in his Instagram stories. His home was one of around 180 structures burned by two fires raging through Southern California, and one of nearly 6,700 structures destroyed statewide.

But his tweet, which thanked first responders for doing the best they could to save his home and for evacuating his neighborhood, wasn’t met with the typical outpouring of support seen for celebrity victims of national tragedies. Instead, leftists and anti-Semites responded to Butler’s tweet with a barrage of hate, all because the actor has given money to support the Israeli Defense Forces.

Many called Butler’s misfortune “karma,” and mocked the actor with claims that he was merely experiencing what Palestinians experience every day.

Butler doesn’t mention his loss specifically in either his Twitter or Instagram post; he only asks for donations to the Los Angeles Fire Department, which has been battling the deadly blaze, making him more of a class act than his openly anti-Israel followers.

Butler’s lack of popularity among the pro-Palestine crowd stems from a fundraiser Butler attended just last week hosted by the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. The 1,200-person gala, described by Variety as “star-studded,” raised more than $60 million for the soldiers of the IDF and their families.

“The money raised goes to support IDF soldiers, and the families of fallen soldiers and wounded veterans through social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs,” Variety reported last week. “Several donations from Thursday night will go directly to the Impact Scholarship Program, dedicated to helping combat veterans return to school. In addition to helping Israeli veterans, the organization seeks to maintain and nourish the strong bond between communities in the United States and the state of Israel.”

Pro-Palestinian activists weren’t happy and issued a series of condemnations, not just of Butler, but of other stars who attended the event, including musician Pharrell Williams and actor Ashton Kutcher, and likened them to “terrorists.” They even began a campaign online to shun Williams and Kutcher using the hashtag “#HollywoodFundsTerror.”

As of Sunday night, the California wildfires had claimed more than 30 lives and 6,700 homes and businesses state-wide. California fire officials anticipate that the three separate blazes are only around 25% contained, but that conditions appear to be improving.

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