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George Washington University Study Guide: Only Whites Are Racist

By  Hank Berrien

A study guide used at George Washington University asserts that only whites can be racist.

As Paul Mirengoff writes at Power Line, the study guide for one class reads:

Prejudice + Power = Racism

* Racism, however, requires institutional power

* In the U.S. white people alone hold the institutional power to discriminate on the basis of race

* Political power (representation, law, judges)

* Economic (wealth, income, banks, CEOs)

* Social (media, representation, culture norms)

Given that perspective, it is not surprising that earlier this year the school’s newspaper reported that history majors at George Washington University would no longer be required to take a course in American history in order to graduate. Katrin Schultheiss, the GWU history department chair, said that decision was made due to “enrollment pressures.”

The idea that only whites are racist is related to the oft-bandied about canard of “implicit bias” among whites, popularized by numerous media outlets, in which whites are told they harbor prejudice of which they are unaware.

A study from the Pew Research Center countered that assertion in part, reporting more biracial Asian-white adults than monoracial whites had some form of implicit racial bias.

“In the U.S. white people alone hold the institutional power to discriminate on the basis of race.”

Study guide from George Washington University

The notion of a connection between supposed “implicit bias” and people’s actions was destroyed by Daily Wire Editor-in- Chief Ben Shapiro when he spoke at Yale. See video below at 46:22

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