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George Soros’ Son And ‘Rich Kid of Instagram,’ Alexander Soros, Is Becoming A Democratic Power Player

By  Emily Zanotti

For George Soros and his son, Alexander, world domination is a family tradition.

The elder Soros is, of course, known for spending millions — if not billions — to influence elections at home and abroad. In January, it was revealed that Soros had spent more than $16 million in Donald Trump’s first year as president, working to thwart Trump Administration and Republican policies. Just months before that, The Daily Wire reported that Soros transferred a shocking $18 billion to his pet American charity, the Open Society Foundation, making it the single largest major player in Democratic politics.

Overseas, Soros’ attempts at controlling the political climate have gotten so bad that members of the European Union are considering bills that would prevent the Hungarian billionaire from cutting checks to pressure organizations and politicians.

But as George Soros ages, he’ll need someone to take over his vast, left-wing empire, and his son, Alexander, has been quietly positioning himself as the heir apparent in more than just name, The Free Beacon reports.

According to the WFB, Alexander Soros — who may be best known as a former “rich kid of Instagram” — has already given more than $400,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, mostly to fund “recount and headquarters funds” which arm the Democrats to be aggressive in the wake of any 2018 elections that don’t go their way.

Alexander Soros has also given in the six figures to the Democratic National Committee. Actually, he may be the only person giving to the DNC, which is still millions in debt from the 2016 Presidential campaign, and struggling to raise money from donors.

This year’s $650,000 in contributions is actually down from 2016, however, when Alex spent around $4 million of his inherited largesse on liberal policy campaigns.

From George Soros’s perspective, at least, Alex’s increasing interest in politics might not be a bad development. Back in 2016 he was less known for his progressive “investments” than he was for his lavish lifestyle, cataloged mostly on the social media network, Instagram. Back then, instead of taking meetings with Sen. Chuck Schumer, the “Hamptons playboy,” was hanging with an exclusive group of friends and jet-setting to all corners of the Earth for meals and parties.

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