Gavin McInnes: 5 Reasons To Vote For Trump

Rebel Media’s fiery host Gavin McInnes just released a video (above) making the case for why you should engage your middle finger and vote for Donald Trump.

“If you’re a Donald Trump supporter like me, it can be hard dealing with anti-Trump fanatics and their hysterical straw man arguments,” says McInnes in the video’s description. “If you want to try to convince them to give Trump a chance, borrow my talking points!”

In the rant, McInnes lays out his best defense against the left’s evil “Gargamel”-type character they’ve made Trump out to be.

Gavin’s 5 reasons:

1. Trump is an entrepreneur. “Without entrepreneurs we have no income, we have no jobs.”

2. Trump is anti-establishment. “The GOP hates him. Republican elites hate him. National Review hates him. Everyone wearing a monocle hates this guy and it’s not just the libs. And the people who love him: middle American average Joes.”

3. Trump is anti-immigration. We’re not a nation of immigrants we’re a nation of citizens, McInnes points out, adding that The Donald was the first to hammer the issue of our failed border and its devastating effect on the economy.

4. Trump is anti-jihad. “1 in 4 young American Muslims think suicide bombings are sometimes or often justified. That’s bad, dummies. Islam as a whole tolerates jihad way too much and when you leave America and go to other countries you get a way worse figure. Ben Shapiro broke this down about the tolerant moderate Muslim.” McInnes adds that he’s just as mad at the moderates as he is at the extremist because they enable them.

5. Trump is anti-aggrievement. This is the reason the Left hates him so badly. He’s anti-whining. “The aggrievement industry has permeated every part of our lives. How much a year does human resources spend on these complaints whining about what someone said. … We’ve had enough of your diversity comities and your whining about this [past atrocity] and your whining about that [past atrocity]. We can’t make up for that.” McInnes says that the beauty of Trump is that he’s saying lets cut our losses, we’re done with whining, we’re now starting with a clean slate and we should move on.

For McInnes’ hilarious impression of a Trump-hating Millennial, click below.

Ben Shapiro’s “The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority” video that McInnes references is below:

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