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French Vegan Arrested For Condoning Terrorism After Posting A Butcher Killed By Terrorist Was ‘Justice’

A French female vegan has been arrested for condoning terrorism after posting on Facebook that she had “zero sympathy” for a butcher killed by an Islamist terrorist last week.

The terrorist killed four people and injured 16 others in his rampage at the Super U supermarket in Trebes; one of the dead was Christian Medves, the chief butcher of Super U.

The vegan, a cheesemaker named Myriam-Serge Jouglet, posted, “What, it shocks you that an assassin is killed by a terrorist? Not me, I have zero compassion for him; there is still justice.”

Jouglet’s post came two days after a former French left-wing parliamentary candidate was arrested over his tweets targeting heroic policeman Arnaud Beltrame, who lost his life when he agreed to trade places with one of the hostages. Stéphane Poussier appeared to celebrate Beltrame’s death, writing that it meant one less voter for President Emmanuel Macron.

The penalty for condoning terrorism in France can be as much as five years in prison.

Medves was married and had two daughters. Mayor of Trèbes Franck Alberti told La Depeche, “He was the happy grandfather of a one-year-old granddaughter and his eldest daughter is expecting her second child.”