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#FREEKNOWLES: Twitter Suspends Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles For Election Day Joke

Saturday night, The Daily Wire’s own Michael Knowles revealed on his Instagram that he’d been suspended by Twitter over a joke tweet instructing Democrats to vote on November 7, the Wednesday after Election Day.

Twitter, which has been loathe to remove threatening tweets, and, according to reports, tolerated the man allegedly behind a nationwide bombing campaign that targeted prominent Democrats with “functional” explosive devices, even though he repeatedly threatened his eventual victims with violence on the platform, determined Knowles’ (admittedly lame) joke was worth direct, immediate, and unmerciful action.

Twitter wrote to Knowles to inform him that his tweet “violated Twitter rules” — though the rule in question was never specified — and instructed Knowles that he could return to Twitter only when the offending tweet was deleted.

Twitter is, of course, a private platform and can execute its rules in any way it sees fit, but as Knowles and a number of other Twitter uses noted, not only has Twitter allowed more offensive content to remain on their platform, but Twitter failed to take action against left-of-center users who made the same joke, suggesting that Republicans should remember to go to the polls on November 7th, the day after the mid-terms.

Twitter users quickly banded together to form a #FreeKnowles movement, tweeting their support for the embattled Daily Wire podcast host who was unfairly booted from a social media platform rife with bad humor.

In response to an outpouring of scorn, criticizing Twitter for discriminating between conservatives and leftists making the same joke — suspending only a prominent conservative for the crime of giving bad information — Twitter doubled down on its mistake, suspending leftist accounts making the “November 7th” joke, rather than just restoring Knowles’ access.

Conservatives quickly pointed out that Twitter considers itself a bastion of free speech, and a platform open to ideas — but doesn’t often restrict Twitter users like anti-Semitic preacher Louis Farrakhan, who recently used the platform to call the Jewish people “termites.” And more, by banning Knowles for making a joke, Twitter was declaring comedy, as a whole, off-limits.

As of Sunday afternoon, Knowles’ posting privileges had yet to be restored.

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