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Former Trump Staffer: Trump North Carolina Director Pulled Gun On Me!

By  Hank Berrien

A former Charlotte staffer who allegedly served as a software trainer for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has filed suit against the former state director of Trump’s North Carolina campaign, Earl Phillip, and the Trump campaign, accusing the director of pulling a gun on him and the Trump campaign of ignoring his request for help.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Vincent Bordini states that he was hired by the campaign in December 2015. On February 13, the day of the South Carolina primary, Bordini alleges, he joined Phillip in Phillip’s Jeep outside a Greenville S.C. hotel.

The lawsuit continues:

All of a sudden, Vincent saw Phillip pull a gun out from his side of the Jeep. It was a .45 caliber pistol. It was loaded… Phillip then moved the gun toward Vincent. He pointed it at, and then placed the barrel on, Vincent’s left knee cap … Vincent froze. Philip’s gun was loaded and the safety was off. A bump in the road would likely result in a bullet hole, and worse, in Vincent’s knee. Once the initial shock wore off, Vincent said, “What the f— are you doing?”

Bordini says he told then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Stuart Jolly, Trump’s national field director, but asserted that even after reporting the incident, nothing was done. He also asserts that he discovered “at least four other” people on whom Phillip pulled a gun.

“He pointed it at, and then placed the barrel on, Vincent’s left knee cap.”

Lawsuit filed against Trump campaign

Phillip left his job in North Carolina last week to become the deputy chair of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, but on Thursday said he’s “officially stepped down” from positions in the Trump organization, according to WCCB.

Bordini told the Daily News that he filed the lawsuit because “I just wanted the campaign to care.”

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