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Former FBI Director James Comey Calls Trump A ‘Mob Boss’ In New Interview

By  Emily Zanotti

On Wednesday, ABC News released a promotional video for former FBI Director James Comey’s first major interview since publishing his memoir of the 2016 campaign, “A Higher Loyalty.” In the short clip, Comey, speaking to ABC News anchor and former Clinton confidante George Stephanopoulos, compares President Donald Trump to a “mob boss.”

“How strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss?” Stephanopoulos asks Comey in the short video, which also shows Comey answering Stephanopoulos’s “tough questions.”

Comey’s book hits store shelves on Tuesday, and he’s on an extended publicity tour, promising to reveal all of Donald Trump’s dirty secrets. A source present during Comey’s interview told Axios that Comey’s testimony is “going to shock the president and his team,” and that the sit-down will “add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump.”

Currently, much to the Left’s chagrin, there aren’t many real charges “swirling” around the president. As of last week, even Special Counsel Robert Mueller had admitted that his investigation had moved its focus away from Trump. Comey served at the president’s discretion, and was fired at the president’s discretion.

But the media and the Left are likely hoping Comey’s book, and the “blockbuster” interviews he’s teed up for next week, will somehow blow the lid off the full conspiracy — even if, thanks to former FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe, it’s Comey’s time as leader of the FBI that’s come under scrutiny in recent weeks.

The “Higher Loyalty” book tour kicks off with the Stephanopoulos interview on Sunday night. Comey is booked wall-to-wall next week across the major networks.

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