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FOLLOW THE MONEY: Stormy Daniels Trying To Cash In With New Perfume — Truth

By  Joseph Curl

Ever since Stormy Daniels came forward to allege a sexual encounter with Donald Trump 12 years ago, she’s been cashing in.

The pornographic actress (still don’t understand what “acting” is involved in “Porking With Pride 2″) has been on a nationwide tour of seedy strip clubs. She’s “booked solid” every weekend for the next year at a Long Island “jiggle joint,” the New York Post reports. And of course her tour is dubbed “the make America horny again tour.”

But now the adult film “star” is looking to broaden her revenue stream, so she’s releasing “Truth,” her new “sensual pheromone infused” perfume. But maybe it’s a cologne, since it’s “gender neutral.”

“New website design, exclusive bath products, an exciting #CBD sexual enhancement collection, AND a scent collaboration with the one and only @StormyDaniels…” she wrote on Twitter on the anniversary of D-Day (the very best time to drop a line of perfume and sex toys)

“What is truth?” says a video on her website,, found here. It looks like any perfume ad, which means it makes no sense. Daniels is walking around a pool in a white-coat tuxedo for some reason to weird chatter and ambient music.

“Truth can be thought of as just a temporary belief of knowing something in a moment of time until it advances and then changes,” read a message on the screen. Huh. So that’s what “truth” means to Daniels. Now we know.

The website contains “big girl toys,” “naughty soaps” (which, you guessed it, include “spermies in a can”), something called CBD “deep throat spray,” and, of course, a luxury glass and stemware collection (appropriately named “iSwallow”), which will include “Sultry Cognac Snifters.”

Social media followers had some fun with the new cash grab.

One guy asked a rather existential question.

Daniels wants to make sure everyone knows how to give her money. On her site, she writes: “If you’re a business and interested in carrying Stormy’s products in your store, please fill out the form under Retail Buyer to apply for a business account. Retailers with existing accounts will be ready to start benefiting from Stormy’s exciting new product, along with ITB’s other sensational products from this unconventional and profitable brand.”


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