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Flashback: Watch This Slimy Politician Claim That Paying Taxes Is ‘Voluntary’

By  Chase Stephens

In the clip above from April 1, 2008, “Dingy Harry” Reid is being interviewed by Libertarian political journalist and documentarian Jan Helfeld on the question of whether paying income tax in America is a voluntary or forced action.

As movie star Wesley Snipes understands after spending three years in prison for tax evasion: if you don’t pay your taxes, men with guns called law enforcement officers will come to your home and transport you to a concrete box with a steel-barred door that locks from the outside where you will be INVOLUNTARILY held until your sentence is complete.

But this concept was too much for the Senator from Nevada to admit.In the interview, Dingy Harry tells an astonished Helfed that, “Our system is a voluntary system.”

Reid goes on to explain that “some other countries” take taxes directly out of a person’s paycheck, which is what he calls an involuntary system. Helfed corrects Reid that we too have “withholding” in many cases here in the United States.

When pushed further on the reality that if you do not pay your taxes their will be fines and/or imprisonment, and thus it’s not a voluntary action, Reid does what all politicians do, he twists his tongue to fill the room with hot air while never truly addressing the issue.

Dingy Harry then idiotically tries to bolster his disingenuous stance by citing the fact that citizens can make deductions to help reduce what they pay in taxes. This of course has nothing to do with if it is a voluntary or forced system.

Sadly, Dingy isn’t the only political figure out there with this mental problem. In the clip below, former Republican National Committee chairperson Michael Steele also sits down with Helfed and he too has an embarrassingly difficult time…

Exit thoughts on just how “Dingy” Harry Reid truly is:

National Review’s expose on how “Reid Got So Rich” explains how a guy who entered the Nevada legislature in 1982 worth 1 million dollars ballooned his wealth to 10 million, all while being a “public servant.”

And Judicial Watch’s article, “Corruption Scandals Led to Harry Reid’s Abrupt ‘Retirement,'” in which they cover many of the former Senate Majority Leader’s corrupt dealings, including recently when he “abused his authority to pressure the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to expedite a $115 million foreign investor visa deal critical to his son’s casino client.”

As author Peter Schweizer says, “Throw Them All Out.”

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