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Flashback: VP Nominee Tim Kaine Calls FBI Director Comey ‘Wonderful’

By  Chase Stephens

Just after FBI Director James Comey made his first press announcement declaring that though Hillary indeed sent and received classified information on her secret personal server he was not recommending prosecution, vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine praised Comey as “wonderful.” Kaine’s feelings on the Obama-appointed director are sure to have changed this week after Comey declared the case officially re-opened after his agents found a reported 650,000 more emails on devices that were supposed to have been handed over to them already. Yowza.

In the clip (below), Kaine, who apparently has zero access to a crystal ball and at the time was brimming with confidence that the email scandal was finally over, tells Fox News’ Bret Baier about just what kind of great man the FBI Director is.

“What I do know is this,” Kaine told the host, “there was an extensive investigation by the FBI under the direction of a wonderful and tough career public servant, Jim Comey. Jim was in the US Attorny’s Office in the Eastern District of Virginia when I was the mayor of Richmond and he’s somebody with the highest standards of integrity.

On ABC’s Sunday show, This Week, Kaine seemed to have changed his tune on the high praise of Comey, telling host and Clinton shill George Stephanopoulos that the FBI Director’s letter to Congress re-opening the investigation was an “unprecedented move” and was a “violation of two protocols.” Those protocols being: 1) the disclosure of information from an ongoing investigation and 2) the public pronouncement about a potential investigation into a candidate immediately prior to an election.

Kaine’s full interview with Stephanopoulos, below:

Exit thought from Director Comey:

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