‘Flabbergasted And Angry’ D.C. Council Member Introduces Bill To Reinstate Vaccine Mandate
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 2: Councilmember Brianne K. Nadeau listens as the D.C. City Council votes to confirm Peter J. Newsham as new chief of DC Metropolitan Police at the Wilson Building on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, in Washington, DC. Newsham will replace Cathy Lanier, who left to work for the NFL.
(photo by Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

A “flabbergasted and angry” District of Columbia council member was livid after Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) announced that the nation’s capital would be ditching mask mandates and vaccine requirements for most of the city’s indoor spaces earlier this week. But, rather than simply tweet about it, Brianne Nadeau worked to secure a special hearing to vote on whether or not the mask and vaccine mandates should be re-implemented. That hearing will occur Friday and could have more support based on the online postings of other D.C. elected officials.

On Monday, The Daily Wire reported that Bowser announced, “Beginning February 15, 2022, indoor venues will no longer be required to verify that patrons are vaccinated.”

“Businesses may choose to keep vaccination requirements in place,” she added.  The impetus behind the change in COVID-19 precautions seems to be the drop in COVID-19 cases after the Omicron wave of the virus hit the country over the past month.

“COVID-19 cases have dropped by more than 90%, and there has been a 95% reduction in hospitalizations since the height of Omicron,” Bowser said at her press conference.

Nonetheless, Nadeau thought the virus to still be a threat, so much so that she was so “F-ing mad” at her Democratic mayor.

“As a CM, and a parent of 2 kids under 5, I am flabbergasted and angry. Why would we give up on vaccines when we have come this far? Why are we not protecting the workers in these industries? Why are we telling parents we don’t care if they participate in society? I’m so F-ing mad”

Nadeau did not stop there, “And ANOTHER THING,” she tweeted. “This will have a chilling impact on businesses. People who were going out and eating indoors BECAUSE of the mandate will not do that anymore. So if this was supposed to be a pro-business thing, y’all messed up. #$%#!”

Of course, as mentioned, business and other indoor areas will still have the option of requiring the masks and vaccine mandates if they desire, but that didn’t stop Nadeau from introducing a bill that would repeal Bowser’s decision. That bill was picked up by D.,C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson.

“@ChmnMendelson scheduled a special legislative meeting this Friday to vote on @BrianneKNadeau’s bill to reinstate DC’s vaccine mandate. Needs nine votes to pass, would extend the mandate for 90 days beyond Feb. 15. Meeting starts at 10 am,” Mitch Ryals of  The Washington City Paper tweeted on Wednesday.

This seemed to please Nadeau, who responded by saying, “I want to thank the Chairman for agreeing to call a special legislative meeting this Friday for consideration of this critical measure.”

If the bill passes, D.C. will have a vaccine mandate for at least 90 more days. The bill appears to have some support; Washington D.C.’s Advisory Neighborhood Committee Commission in the Mount Vernon neighborhood Patrick Parlej encouraged councilmembers to support the bill.

“The right call,” Parlej said via Twitter. “I urge our ANC6E Councilmembers to support this important bill to keep the DC restaurant vaccine requirement in place. @charlesallen @CMCharlesAllen @brookepintodc @CMBrookePinto @kenyanmcduffie @CM_McDuffie”

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