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Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Inks A Book Deal

By  Emily Zanotti

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is following in the footsteps of his boss, fired FBI Director James Comey, inking a deal with St. Martin’s Press to write a tell-all book about his time in the Trump Administration.

McCabe was fired from the FBI last spring, just days before he was set to retire, after the FBI Inspector General discovered McCabe “lacked candor” when questioned about allowing his agents to speak to members of the media. McCabe, who is independently wealthy, famously raised $500,000 on GoFundMe from the anti-Trump “Resistance” to launch an appeal of his termination.

It seems, though, that McCabe intends to get his revenge on the Trump Administration in print, instead.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that McCabe’s forthcoming memoir, already titled “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump,” will recount “a series of troubling, contradictory, and often bizarre conversations” McCabe reportedly had with “Trump and other high officials that led him to believe the ‘actions of this President and his administration undermine the FBI and the entire intelligence community.'”

“I wrote this book because the president’s attacks on me symbolize his destructive effect on the country as a whole,” McCabe added in his own self-aggrandizing statement. “He is undermining America’s safety and security, and eroding public confidence in its institutions. His attacks on the most crucial institutions of government, and on the professionals who serve within them, should make every American stand up and take notice.”

If Comey’s book, published earlier this year, is any indication, McCabe’s own memoir will do well. Comey sold more than half a million copies of his book, when it was released back in April.

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