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Feminist PANICS After Dana Loesch Suggests Women Who Carry Guns Are Harder To Rape

By  Emily Zanotti

Feminist author and blogger Jessica Valenti was disappointed to learn, Wednesday night, that some women find arming themselves a useful way of protecting themselves against sexual predators.

Actually, that’s putting it mildly. Valenti panicked after hearing National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch suggest that the Second Amendment is a helpful tool in preventing violence against women, and launched into a four-tweet diatribe about how women are all going to be dead as a result of being armed.

The subject isn’t domestic violence; it’s clearly sexual assault and Valenti knows that, but when you consider the topic of arming women within the context of sexual assault, Valenti’s hair-on-fire rant makes less sense. Because, when it comes to the Second Amendment, invoking sexual violence is perfectly logical. If more women were armed, the chances of running into an armed woman, as a sexual predator, would be greater.

And that would mean fewer men taking a gamble on sexual assault — at least, after one rapist ran into an armed woman, the rest of them might think twice.

The remainder of Valenti’s diatribe is just insulting. It suggests that in every domestic situation, women are less powerful, less adept, and less intelligent, and therefore will be victimized at every opportunity. But that’s just not true. Women are just as able to hold, carry, and fire a weapon as men are. And a gun would, at least in a comparison of strength, equalize women who aren’t physically able to stand up to a man any other way.

(She got that “fact,” by the way, from the ever-honest Everytown for Gun Safety.)

Ultimately, Valenti simply doesn’t want women to be able to defend themselves, just because she can’t seem to wrap her mind around the Second Amendment.

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