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Feminist Icon Hillary Clinton Hosting Fundraiser For Embattled NJ Senator Bob Menendez

By  Emily Zanotti

Hillary Clinton, now a self-declared “feminist icon” and “believe all women” activist, is traveling to New Jersey this weekend and apparently is leaving her sense of irony at home — she’s hosting a fundraiser for embattled Senate Democrat Bob Menendez who was nearly convicted of corruption and who has long been dogged by allegations of sexual impropriety.

Clinton will be the featured guest at a Menendez fundraiser this weekend, heading a $500 to $5400-per-plate dinner at the Liberty Steakhouse, NJ.com reports. She’s there to lend star-power to Menendez’s re-election campaign which is lagging behind previous campaigns.

Menendez isn’t in much trouble — the latest polls have him eight points in the lead over his Republican opponent — but he’s not faring as well this time, it seems, because of a recent corruption case that ended in a mistrial. But why New Jersey Democrats would willingly send a man accused of multiple counts of corruption back to the Senate isn’t the strangest part of this deal.

Clinton has been front-and-center this week, urging Americans to “believe all women,” particularly Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, even in the absence of real evidence. It seems she’s less concerned about the veracity of allegations of sexual assault when she’s asked to support fellow Democrats.

Bob Menendez was accused of partying with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, and unsubstantiated allegations about his extracurriculars have dogged him for years. According to the stories, Menendez used a donor’s private plane to jet between Miami and the island nation, where he took part in “parties” which sometimes involved underaged girls.

There’s little evidence to back up these allegations — about as much evidence as exists to back up Kavanaugh’s accusers — but it should be enough to give the elected grandmaster of feminists pause.

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