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FEMINISM WIN: Next ‘Predator’ Movie Will Feature Female Predators

Well ladies, we may not have gotten the first female President, but we will get the first female . . . Predators.

According to Comic Book Resources, 20th Century Fox has revealed that the upcoming “The Predator” sequel will introduce female Predators as well as a Mega-Predator, the result of human experimentation with Predator DNA.

“[O]ne of the clips screened featured Olivia Munn’s character, Dr. Casey Bracket, about to be attacked by a female Predator in sleek, technical armor, when a larger Predator attacks another one of the aliens, distracting the female Predator,” CBR reports. “The larger predator is a ‘Mega Predator,’ the result of genetic tampering within the alien society.”

Because nothing says “advanced society” like adapting genetic material associated with a beast who murders entire swaths of humanity whenever the temperature holds steady at more than 100 degrees Farenheit.

Fans of The Predator comics might know that female Predators are actually deadlier than their male counterparts, often besting them in Predator-on-Predator combat, and in some cases lording over Predators of the male gender, requiring them to bring “Queen” Predators gifts to prove both their allegiance and their hunting skills.

There is no word yet on whether the female Predator is, in fact, a feminist. We will have to wait until the press tour to ask her her thoughts on wage equality and pink knit headwear.