‘Feels Like A Threat’: Sydney Sweeney’s Tiny Outfit At Award Show Riles Up ‘Body Positivity’ Activists
Sydney Sweeney attends the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 05, 2022 in Santa Monica, California.

A Yahoo! Life writer questioned actress Sydney Sweeney’s fashion choice at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, not over concerns of modesty, but because the “micromini outfit” felt “like a threat to body positivity.”

“Why Sydney Sweeney’s micromini outfit feels like a threat to body positivity: ‘So coveted yet unachievable,'” Kerry Justich headlined her piece, which cited numerous upset social media users and “body acceptance advocates.”

“Sydney Sweeney had her toned midriff on full display at the MTV Movie and TV awards where she wore a micro-miniskirt paired with a super-cropped collared top by Miu Miu,” the piece said. “While the low-rise trend has already been seeing a resurgence, the red carpet moment is triggering a response from people who’d like to leave it in the past.”

Justich said Sweeney pulled off the throwback look “beautifully,” but said apparent reluctance to praise the outfit from onlookers “has less to do with the styling than it does the messaging about beauty and body standards.”

“No shade to beautiful Sydney… but I’m sad we’re seeing more of this ULTRA low rise waist and ULTRA flat tummy look again,” said one social media commenter, cited by Justich. “So coveted yet unachievable for so many of us with different builds.”

Other comments cited included, “Watch body positivity go down the drain once the low rise fashion takes over again,” and “Low rise NEVER AGAIIIN! Young generations: learn from the pst!! Don’t ruin your body!!!”

Gianluca Russo, co-founder of The Power of Plus, which brands itself as “size-inclusive,” complained to Yahoo! Life in March about the “micro mini skirt.”

“It’s still operating on the same model, which is to let trends be dictated by people who are thin and then let it trickle down until it reaches size inclusivity rather than letting a plus-size body like Paloma or Precious [Lee] and Ashley [Graham] and all of them help to lead the trends,” Russo said. “You would hope it would come back in a new inventive way and I think the way it came back was so reminiscent of the way it started, and that’s kind of on this exclusionary model.”

One of the foremost icons of the body positivity movement is singer Lizzo, who often celebrates her obesity.

“The 33-year-old Detroit native loves showing off her figure on social media and unlike other celebs, she claims to be happy with being obese,” The Daily Wire noted in January. “Her Instagram name, ‘lizzobeeating,’ further celebrates this concept.”

Around New Year’s, Lizzo posted a video of herself dancing sexually, with the caption, “I gained weight💅🏾 I look TF GOODT😍”

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