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FBI Investigating Democrat Congressman For Paying Primary Opponent To Quit, Lying To Authorities

By  Ryan Saavedra

A Democratic congressman is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for allegedly paying his competitor to drop out of a 2012 race against him and for lying to federal investigators.

The FBI is investigating Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) for multiple crimes, according to court documents unsealed on Monday in Pennsylvania federal court, the Daily Beast reported.

The FBI was granted access to Brady’s email account and reportedly got “one CD worth of data” from the account.

Brady’s 2012 Democratic primary opponent, Jimmie Moore, ended his campaign early in 2012 after he reportedly received approximately $90,000 from Brady’s campaign. The money was allegedly funneled through Moore’s aides back to Moore’s campaign.

The affidavit from the FBI lists Brady and Moore, along with three others, as likely having been “involved in the commission of several crimes, including conspiracy, false statements, producing false records, false campaign contribution reports, and violating limits on campaign contributions and expenditures.”

Other key takeaways from the Daily Beast report include:

  • It hints that Brady lied to federal investigators and that he tried to interfere with the investigation by coaching a witness.
  • One of Moore’s former aides already pled guilty to her role in the payoff scheme in July.
  • Two of Brady’s aides were indicted last month for their roles in the alleged crimes.
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