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FBI Busts Iraqi Refugee Who Built Bombs For Terrorist Attack, Report Says

Federal law enforcement officials arrested an Iraqi refugee living in the United States this week after he built bombs in Las Vegas that he planned to use in a terrorist attack, according to court documents.

In a sting operation on Monday, FBI agents thwarted the alleged attack by Ahmad Suhad Ahmad — who allegedly showed undercover FBI how to construct C-4 bombs.

Ahmad, who reportedly arrived in the U.S. from Iraq over a decade ago, reportedly wrote on Facebook, “I stand with Refugees.” The Daily Mail reports:

According to the paperwork filed at the US District Court in Tuscon, Arizona, Ahmad, is also accused of teaching ‘the making and use of an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction’, to another person between March and April, 2017.

He allegedly provided an undercover FBI operative with homemade bomb recipes and taught them how to construct ‘remote-detonating bombs’.

Ahmad told a confidential FBI source how to detonate a bomb using a cell phone with a removable battery – a trick he said he learned during the war in Iraq, the papers allege.

The undercover agents said that Ahmad taught them how to build a car bomb at his apartment in Tucson and met with them multiple times to discuss logistics.

The documents state that Ahmad first told a source back in December 2016 that he had knowledge about detonating bombs and provided the source instructions in Arabic on his cell phone and an image of explosive materials. In April 2017, Ahmad began to reveal plans for a potential terror attack or assassination.

Ahmad built the first device, explaining to the undercover agents what he was doing as he constructed it. After he was finished he “guided” one of the agents on how to build the second device and then explained how the bombs worked. ​