Family Makes Frightening Find In Seafood Dinner, Woman Claims
A woman in Malaysia says her family found a fish hook in their seafood platter
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The catch of the day at a Malaysian restaurant still had a hook in its mouth, according to a diner who detailed the fishy incident in a Facebook post.

Lemon Mii and her family were eating at a Kuala Lumpur seafood restaurant and sharing a dish that is popular in the country: fish head curry, reported. But the family patriarch noticed the hook that landed the meal was still lodged in the fish’s head, according to Mi.

“Can you believe it?” Mii wrote on Facebook, along with a picture of the plate, the hook and the restaurant bill. “Luckily my father didn’t put the whole thing in his mouth.”

A woman in Malaysia says her family found a fish hook in their meal, and the restaurant manager's response did not help.

The family claims they found a fish hook in their meal of fish head curry. (Lemon Mii/Facebook”

Mii said she summoned a waiter who said the kitchen had been careless. But when the restaurant manager came over, he deflected the blame, according to the woman.

“It’s none of our business, it’s the supplier’s problem,” the manager allegedly said.

The bill came to 298.60 ringget, equivalent to $67.75 in U.S. currency. The manager deducted less than 20 cents from the bill, in what Mii’s Facebook friends called an “insincere” gesture.

“At first, you said it was the kitchen’s problem, now it’s the supplier’s issue?” Mii wrote. “I really feel bad for the supplier.”

Diners have claimed to have found hooks in their fish before.

A man in Sichuan, China, allegedly found a hook and fishing line in his meal in 2015, according to the Daily Mail. The waiter helpfully advised him not to eat it.

“That’s just normal,” the man was told. “Those hooks were used to catch the wild fish. Sometimes there are way too many hooks for the chefs to see them.”

Also in 2015, a New York woman sued after allegedly finding a hook in her branzino at a swanky uptown eatery, the New York Post reported. The woman, Aliona Russo, suffered cuts inside her mouth and to her tongue, according to reports.

In 2019, a Georgia man claimed he found a fish hook in a can of mackerel that he had just opened to feed his dog. The supermarket where he bought the can apologized profusely and gave him a refund.

“Can you imagine an animal with a fish hook stuck in their jaw, stuck in their mouth and in pain?” Keith Hearn told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at the time.

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