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Fake News Rap Sheet: Last Week the MSM Was Caught Telling FORTY Lies

By  John Nolte

Welcome to week three of “This Week In Fake News!” Previous editions can be found here and here.

You will see one change in this week’s list, with respect to the count. Rather than start the count over every week, this ongoing diary of Fake News will now use a cumulative number, an ongoing count. Put simply, last week’s list contained 24 pieces of Fake News. The week prior was 12. That is a total of 36, so this week we will start with number 37.

This is not meant to be a gimmick. Rather, it is a way to more accurately understand and comprehend the breathtaking scope of the national media’s rabid dishonesty.

The media told FORTY lies last week, for a total of SEVENTY-SEVEN separate incidents of Fake News in just three weeks.

Let’s begin…

37. CNN’s Jake Tapper Lies About Trump Not Offering Sympathy to Canada After Mosque Attack

During an interview with KellyAnne Conway, CNN’s Jake Tapper told an outrageous lie in the form of a question:

“I want to ask you, in Quebec City last week, a white right-wing terrorist opened fire on a mosque filled with men, women and children,” the left-wing anchor asked. “President Trump hasn’t tweeted one thing about this. Why hasn’t he offered sympathy to the neighbors in the north?”

Can someone get Tapper a Google Machine?

P.S. Falsely portraying Trump as a racist is part of the media’s ongoing “assassination dogwhistle” strategy.

38. Washington Post Caught Lying About “Illegal Guns” In Washington DC

In its longstanding effort to strip Americans of their Second Amendment civil rights, the left-wing Washington Post was again caught fear-mongering with falsehoods, this particular one involving a — wait for it, wait for it — BB gun.

The Daily Caller:

The biggest inaccuracy: the description of a “black .45 caliber Umarex HDG handgun recovered from the 3200 block of Minnesota Avenue, Southeast.” As readers of this blog already know, Umarex makes and sells air-powered guns that fire a variety of non-lethal BBs or pellets depending on the model. The airgun is not only listed incorrectly as a firearm, but is additionally reported to be chambered in .45 caliber, an impossibility. Further, Umarex doesn’t sell an “HDG” model.

So, either MPD is unable to distinguish a firearm from an airgun, or it is a purposeful misclassification to inflate the record in a way that a firearm–ignorant city newspaper reporter would never recognize, but that many readers quickly spotted.

Oh, but there’s more.

Read the whole thing.

39. Washington Post Caught Covering Up Boston Mosque’s Extremism and Bigotry

The original Jan 19 story ran with the headline, “An unlikely messenger becomes a guiding spirit to young Muslims,” and painted a picture of a cool social media-savvy Imam :

Naturally, jihadist hard-liners hate Webb for his liberal views. In its online magazine, Dabiq, the Islamic State last year labeled him an apostate and “all-American imam.” The story ran with a photo of a machete pressed to a man’s neck and, beneath it, a caption reading, “The punishment for apostasy.” The story said of Webb, “Adopting a Southern inner-city accent sprinkled with thug life vocabulary, he is quick to switch to an ordinary voice when speaking to CNN and other media outlets.”

At the Church of the Epiphany in October, Webb’s subject is Donald Trump. “We’ve got a presidential candidate who has no respect for women, for Latinos, for Muslims, for blacks,” he says. “This is a guy who doesn’t know how to wear a suit properly and has a bad spray tan.”

Except, oops!

We do not merely “allege” Webb’s bigotry. We have proved it. Videos of sermons we uncovered show Webb preaching that “effeminate” men are “cursed” and that he “understands” Muslims who “have animosity” toward “the Jews.”

In 2001, according to FBI surveillance documents, Webb appeared alongside al-Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki to raise £$100,000 for Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, who was convicted of shooting two U.S. police officers and killing one of them.

And if all this were not enough to discourage a puff piece, Webb also spent three years as the imam of the Islamic Society of Boston. There he was involved with the tarbiya program, an educational course in which radical Islamist texts are taught to youths from Boston’s historically moderate Muslim community.

40. Los Angeles Times Lies About Trump’s “Shift” On NATO

Full-blown lie. Trump has always supported NATO. He has only ever questioned some members of the alliance who have failed to meet their financial commitments.

41. MSM Hides Behind KellyAnne Conway’s Mistake To Cover Up Their Own Cover Up

Lies of omission are still lies, and this is a biggie…

Over the weekend, KellyAnne Conway, a top Trump advisor, falsely claimed that there had been what she called a “Bowling Green massacre,” or a jihadist terror attack in the state of Kentucky. She also claimed that the media did not cover the massacre-that-never-happened.

It was a stupid mistake but Conway has since cleared the air and apologized more than once.

In their zeal to destroy Conway, what the media is really doing is covering up their own cover-up.

What happened in Bowling Green in 2011 is and was a legitimate story, a story the MSM doesn’t want the public to know about because it is an inconvenient one about Al-Qaeda terrorists successfully posing as refugees:


Senior government officials in the Obama administration were paying attention to the case and, shocked by the severe lapse in security, temporarily shut down the Iraqi refugee program for six months while they investigated the vetting process. (Sound familiar?)

The media has been mocking Conway for her remark about a Bowling Green “massacre.” They are right that there was no massacre. But there could have been, if not for the FBI investigation, due to a flawed refugee vetting process.

42. Newsweek and CNN Spread Lie About Breitbart News Having Their Own Supporters Terrorized

Both Newsweek and CNN have used Clintonista Robert Reich to spread the lie that Breitbart News started a riot in Berkeley, California, last week — a riot where their own supporters were brutalized and beaten.

P.S. Portraying Trump as Hitler, a someone willing to organize political violence through modern-day Brownshirts, is yet another piece of the media’s ongoing “assassination dogwhistle” strategy.

43. Media Lies About Make Up of Trump’s National Security Council

This lie was so egregious and widespread, even the left-wing Washington Post felt the need to speak out:

One thing Trump has decidedly not done, however, is downgrade the participation of the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the deliberations of the National Security Council.

You may have heard and read otherwise, repeatedly. Therein lies an illustration of how communication between the executive and mainstream media, and with it coverage of the Trump administration, has already come unhinged.

44. Scientific Community and Media Again Caught Lying About Global Warming

The hoax that is Climate Change has once again been debunked. The national media is, per the usual, covering this fact up.

45. Washington Post Falsely Describes a “Draft Order” as a “Plan”

The serial-lying Washington Post had a very bad week.

Many more WaPo lies to come!

46. Washington Post Walks Back False Story of Bannon Confrontation

Josh Rogin of the Washington Post, who has been caught publishing three massive Fake News stories in less than 10 days, lied about a confrontation between top Trump aide Steve Bannon and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

It never happened. As of today this phony story, which should be retracted, has three corrections and has gone through a complete rewrite.

47. Washington Post Falsely Accuses Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Lying About Syria Trip

Serial Fake News-fabricator Josh Rogin struck again this week, this time with an attack on Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Rogin falsely claimed she invented the name of the organization that funded her trip to Syria. What actually happened is that Rogin got the name wrong.

Gabbard is seen by Democrats and the Left as an apostate-Democrat, which is why the Post is so eager to destroy her, even if they have to lie in order to do it.

48. CBS News Falsely Claims Statue of Liberty Was Originally Intended to be a Muslim Woman

Uhm, no it wasn’t.

In fact, the Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with immigrants or immigration. It stands for LIBERTY. Period.

The “give us your poor…” stuff was added years later.

49. NBC News Lies About Trump Easing Russian Sanctions

This is a howler.

NBC reported Thursday that the Trump administration was easing sanctions on the FSB, one of Russia’s primary intelligence agencies. Peter Alexander, NBC’s national correspondent, tweeted, “US Treasury Dept easing Obama admin sanctions to allow companies to do transactions with Russia’s FSB, successor org to KGB.”

Less than an hour later, he wrote, “Source familiar w sanctions says it’s a technical fix, planned under Obama, to avoid unintended consequences of cybersanctions.” His initial and incorrect tweet received nearly seven thousand retweets and the correction has less than 300 retweets.


50. New York Times Lies About Homeland Security Being Blindsided By Trump’s Refugee Pause

Daily Caller:

It stated: “Gen. John F. Kelly, the secretary of homeland security, had dialed in from a Coast Guard plane as he headed back to Washington from Miami. Along with other top officials, he needed guidance from the White House, which had not asked his department for a legal review of the order. Halfway into the briefing, someone on the call looked up at a television in his office. ‘The president is signing the executive order that we’re discussing,’ the official said, stunned.”

Secretary Kelly, however, later strongly denied this report during a press conference Tuesday. “We knew it was coming. It wasn’t a surprise,” Kelly said.

51. Bitter Wall Street Journal Never-Trumper Forgets About Barry

Apparently Bret Stephens, a bitter Never Trumper with the Wall Street Journal, forgot about 8 years of Barack Obama.

52. Boston Globe Caught Lying About Trump Comments On the Media

The left-wing Boston Globe claimed Trump remarked on “the press not behaving.”

Trump never said that.

53. Politico Caught Lying About Trump “Highlighting” Religious Freedom

Read the whole thing.

54. More Fallout From BuzzFeed Publishing What It Knew Was a False Dossier On Trump

A lawsuit has been filed against the left-wing BuzzFeed by a tech company that was smeared in the phony anti-Trump dossier the left-wing outlet published last month.

BuzzFeed seems fully aware the information was false. After the suit was filed, BuzzFeed publicly apologized to the company and redacted the company’s name from the phony dossier … which has now been read by millions.

P.S. BuzzFeed’s decision to publish what it knew was Fake News, a ridiculous claim that Trump is now a Manchurian Candidate being blackmailed by the Russians, is part of the MSM’s ongoing “assassination dogwhistle” campaign.

55. Media Continues to Lie About Vote Fraud Being a Myth

The national media understands that in a 50/50 country, vote fraud must never be exposed or stopped. For instance, had Minnesota Senator Al Franken not won his 2008 seat by the margin of vote fraud, there would be no ObamaCare. Franken was the crucial 60th seat needed to override the filibuster.

Now that Trump has poked the hornet’s nest of vote fraud, the MSM is screaming “Hoax! Fraud! Myth!,” every time the subject comes up.

Vote fraud is real.

Very real, and it only benefits Democrats.

56. Washington Post Caught Lying About Trump Threat to ‘Invade Mexico’

P.S. Portraying Trump as an unstable leader eager to go to war and threaten other countries, is all part of the media’s ongoing “assassination dogwhistle” campaign.

57. CNN Lies By Comparing Trump Action to Watergate

The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik:

Typical of the lack of context and proportion in Trump coverage is the use by major mainstream outlets of the term “Monday Night Massacre” to describe Trump’s firing of Sally Yates, acting attorney general, after she said she would not defend Trump’s immigration order.

On Monday night, the term was emblazoned across the bottom of the screen during CNN reports. “Monday Night Massacre: Trump Fires Acting AG,” was the wording during Don Lemon’s show.

As of Thursday, CNN was still using the catchphrase in an online headline for an analysis and video of the Yates firing.

58. Media Caught Lying About GOP Expanding Gun Access to Mentally Ill

Although the story spread far and wide across the MSM landscape, it was a flat-out lie.

59. Media Runs With Lie About Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Founding “Fascism Forever” Club

This has to be read to be believed.

60. Journalist Lies About ‘Forced Resignations’ at Secret Service

Never happened.

61. NBC News Lies About Milo Plan to Out Berkeley Illegals


is a lie.

62. Media Spreads Lie About Trump Changing the Name of Black History Month

The lie ran around the world

…before the truth could get its shoes on.

63. NBC’s John Harwood Lies About Lack of DOJ Input Into Trump’s Refugee Pause

Reminder: Harwood was one of the so-called journalists caught by WikiLeaks colluding with Democrats to help Hillary Clinton beat Trump.

64. Media Falsely Claims Trump Flew Both Top SCOTUS Candidates to DC for ‘Reality Show’

CNN, CBS News and others claimed falsely that Trump had both of his top Supreme Court finalists flown to DC in order to turn his announcement into a beauty pageant moment.

65. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Lies About White House Setting Up SCOTUS Nominee’s Twitter Accounts

Again, this is all about CNN pushing a fake narrative about Trump creating a reality show vibe around something as solemn as a SCOTUS pick.

66. Media Spreads False Claim That Trump’s Refugee Pause Killed a Woman

Total lie.

Naturally, BuzzFeed went big with it.

67. NBC News Pete Alexander/Andrea Mitchell Lie About Trump Okaying Business With Russian KGB

68. Media Caught Lying About Trump Hanging Up On Australia’s Prime Minister

The Fake News about Trump angrily hanging up on Australia’s leader spread like wildfire.

Only problem… It never happened.

P.S. The media portraying Trump as unstable is part of the “assassination dogwshistle” gameplan.

69. Media Blames Trump for Spike In Transgender Suicides

There has been no increase in transgender suicides.

70. Politico, New York Times Lie About Trump Nominee Foreclosing on 90-Year-Old Woman

The Federalist:

At Politico on December 1, Lorraine Wellert published a shocking essay claiming that Trump’s pick for secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, had overseen a company that “foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman after a 27-cent payment error.” According to Wellert: “After confusion over insurance coverage, a OneWest subsidiary sent [Ossie] Lofton a bill for $423.30. She sent a check for $423. The bank sent another bill, for 30 cents. Lofton, 90, sent a check for three cents. In November 2014, the bank foreclosed.”

The story received widespread coverage, being shared nearly 17,000 times on Facebook. The New York Times’s Steven Rattner shared it on Twitter (1,300 retweets), as did NBC News’s Brad Jaffy (1,200 retweets), the AP’s David Beard (1,900 retweets) and many others.

The problem? The central scandalous claims of Wellert’s article were simply untrue.

71. CNN, Daily Beast Lie About Betsy DeVos, Guns and Grizzlies

The Federalist:

During her confirmation hearing, education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos was asked whether schools should be able to have guns on their campuses. As NBC News reported, DeVos felt it was “best left to locales and states to decide.” She pointed out that one school in Wyoming had a fence around it to protect the students from wildlife. “I would imagine,” she said, “that there’s probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies.”

This was an utterly noncontroversial stance to take. DeVos was simply pointing out that different states and localities have different needs, and attempting to mandate a nationwide one-size-fits-all policy for every American school is imprudent.

How did the media run with it? By lying through their teeth. “Betsy DeVos Says Guns Should Be Allowed in Schools. They Might Be Needed to Shoot Grizzlies” (Slate). “Betsy DeVos: Schools May Need Guns to Fight Off Bears” (The Daily Beast). “Citing grizzlies, education nominee says states should determine school gun policies” (CNN)[.]

72. Journalist Claims Trump’s Hand-Size Is Photoshopped

The Federalist:

On January 27, Observer writer Dana Schwartz tweeted out a screenshot of Trump that, in her eyes, proved President Trump had “photoshopped his hands bigger” for a White House photograph. Her tweet immediately went viral, being shared upwards of 25,000 times. A similar tweet by Disney animator Joaquin Baldwin was shared nearly 9,000 times as well.

The conspiracy theory was eventually debunked, but not before it had been shared thousands upon thousands of times.

73. Media Falsely Reports First Lady Melania Trump Will Not Move to White House


Lies, and more lies … and even more lies.

The truth is that, as promised, the First Lady will move into the White House at the end of her son Barron’s school year.

74. NBC’s “Today Show” Deceptively Edits Giuliani Comments on Trump’s Immigration Pause

NewsBusters busts NBC’s serial liar (see above) Pete Alexander:

Despite all of the media hand-wringing over fake news lately, on Monday, NBC’s Today engaged precisely in that kind of shoddy journalism as the morning show deceptively edited a soundbite from Rudy Giuliani about President Trump’s immigration order. …

A brief clip ran of the former New York City mayor telling Fox News host Jeanne Pirro on Saturday: “When he first announced it, he said Muslim ban. He called me up, he said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.”

However, a longer clip of Giuliani aired just minutes earlier on MSNBC’s Morning Joe clearly showed there was no contradiction, as he repeatedly stated that the policy he helped develop was “not based on religion[.]”

Reminder: This is the very same “Today Show” that was caught editing a 911 call to make George Zimmerman look like a racist.

75. New York Times Caught Lying About Number Detained By Trump’s Refugee Pause

Read the full thread. Utterly shameless lying.

76. Atlantic Caught Lying About Trump’s Refugee Pause

Extraordinary, bare-faced lie.

The Daily Wire hopes you enjoyed this week’s THIS WEEK IN FAKE NEWS!

Tune in next week for another episode of THIS WEEK IN FAKE NEWS!

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