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‘Fake News’ Founder Brian Williams RIPS Trump’s ‘Alternative Universe’

On Monday night, Brian Williams, the former NBC Nightly News anchor who was suspended for six months without pay in 2015 after being caught with his pants down for lying repeatedly, attacked the Trump Administration for lying, accusing them of creating an “alternative universe.”

Hosting MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, Williams turned to Chris Jansing and asked: “Is it as striking to you in the briefing room as it is to television viewers that an alternative universe is being proposed, alternative definitions are being trotted out in real-time?

Jansing agreed: “Well, it’s frustrating because you think you asking a very logical, straight forward question and the answers get so circuitous.”

Guest Eli Stokols later jumped on the bandwagon: “Peter Alexander asked the most important question of this White House, which is how can anybody trust what is coming from the President?”

Williams’ theory of an alternative universe comes from personal experience; remember his whopper about being shot down in Iraq? Or witnessing bodies floating through the streets of New Orleans after the flood from Hurricane Katrina?

Ranga-Ram Chary from the California Institute of Technology, who has been genuinely looking for a parallel universe, has admitted, “Unusual claims like evidence for alternate universes require a very high burden of proof. Searching for these alternate universes is a challenge.”

He might want to consult with Williams, who has demonstrated his unique capacity to find them.

H/T Newsbusters