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Fake News Exposed: Accidental Gun Deaths Plummet To All-Time Low

By  John

Although the American population has more than tripled since 1903 and sales of firearms hit record after record during President Obama’s gun-grabbing years, according to the National Safety Council, accidental shooting deaths in 2015 hit an all-time low of 489. That is a TOTAL of 489, and the lowest figure since these numbers first started to be recorded in 1903.

Overall, in 2015, there were 146,571 accidental deaths in America (cars, prescription drugs, falls), meaning the 489 firearms deaths ranks somewhere close to a statistical zero.

Based on the number of background checks, a whopping 52,600 guns were purchased every day during Obama’s 8-year presidency. A total of 141.1 million background checks were done and 46 million new firearms were produced.

And yet, despite the fact that more than 100 million Americans own somewhere around 300 million guns, despite all the hysteria we constantly hear from the national media and other gun-grabbers about the how dangerous it is to have a gun in your home, from the looks of it, you would be much safer if you kept the gun and removed the bathtub.

Add to this the fact that between July 2014 and July 2015, nearly 300 innocent Americans avoided being victims of dangerous criminal thanks to the fact they own a firearm. This number is considered low for a number of reasons, including the deterrent factor.

Left-wing outlets such as PolitiFact have tried to dismiss the decrease in accidental gun deaths with the claim that improved emergency room procedures deserve some credit for the decrease. This is absurd on its face when you consider the combined explosion of our population and the number of gun owners. Nevertheless, even if that were true, these improved emergency room procedures would, then, decrease all accidental deaths, and they are not. In 2015, overall accidental deaths actually rose 8% over the previous year, while accidental gun deaths fell 17%.

As far as overall gun deaths, those total about 30,000 a year, but 60% are suicides. The rest mostly occur in urban areas, many of which have been run by Democrats for decades and have the most stringent anti-gun laws in the country. For example, last year in Chicago alone, a city buried in anti-gun laws, there were 4,331 shooting victims, including more than 700 murders.

Anti-gun nuts like CNN like to blame those murders on guns coming from elsewhere, but that’s a non sequitur. If the guns were the problem, crime rates would be just as high or higher in the places those guns come from. One of the problems is that in cities like Chicago gun control laws have ensured that the criminals are much better armed than their victims. This emboldens criminals and removes a powerful deterrent.

Outside of the Constitutional issue, almost every statistic appears to bear out that the better armed law-abiding Americans are, the better off we all are.

As gun ownership soared over the last 25 or so years, violent crime plummeted, including the murder rate. The rash of mass shootings we saw under Obama’s reign occurred almost exclusively (over 90%) in these incredibly stupid gun-free zones, locations (schools, movie theaters, etc.) where the shooter knows he will face only unarmed sitting ducks.

If you listen to our hysterical Fake News Media, the fact that there were only 489 accidental gun deaths sounds counter-intuitive, to say the least. But it is really just another example of how effective, responsible, and dedicated gun owners are to policing and protecting themselves and their families.

What is sometimes called the “Gun Community” is obviously a community committed to gun safety that for the most part has, without the intrusion of the federal government, self-regulated the firearm into something much less dangerous than the automobile or bathtub.

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