You Won't BELIEVE How Many Guns Americans Buy Every Day Under Obama

Americans have bought an incredibly high number of guns under President Barack Obama. A new study found that an average of 52,600 were purchased every day during his presidency.

No, that is not a typo.

The Washington Examiner reports that there have been a total of 141.1 million background checks under Obama's reign as well as over 46 million guns produced in total, which is about 21,000 produced a day.

There has also been a recent run on AR-15s since the Orlando terror attack, with one store selling a reported 30,000 rifles in a week.

Justin Anderson, marketing director for Hyatt Guns, told the Examiner that "fear of government intrusion on Second Amendment rights" and "people interested in personal protection" are the reasons for the recent spike in gun sales.

"Our sales have doubled across the board, not just in AR-style rifles, but also in small frame handguns and home defense shotguns," Anderson said. "We saw this just after the San Bernardino shooting, as well. More and more people are coming to realize that their personal safety is at risk and their government cannot protect them."

Anderson also suggested that the gun sales could be even higher than what the National Instant Criminal Background system is reporting.

"In North Carolina, the background checks for handguns are performed by the county sheriff offices and not by direct instant background check," said Anderson. "So this data is likely left out. However, it's a yardstick that shows the overall health of the industry. When NICS checks spike, it can be used a good measure of overall gun sales."

Anderson predicted that gun sales could rise even higher if it looks like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to be elected president.

The run on guns has resulted in a boom in the firearms industry. Last year, the industry gained over 20,000 jobs.

This is the unintended consequence of Obama's gun-grabbing rhetoric: more people rush to buy guns out of fear that Obama will implement gun control.


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