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FAKE HATE: Server Made Up ‘We Don’t Tip Terrorist’ Note, Texas Restaurant Says

A Texas steakhouse server who claimed that a customer left him with a racially-motivated hate note on a receipt made up the entire incident, according to restaurant management.

Saltgrass Steak House server Khalil Cavil posted a photo of a receipt to his Facebook account that stated: “We don’t tip terrorist.” The post quickly went viral,

Cavil claimed that the receipt, which showed that the customer gave no tip on a bill totaling $108.73, was proof that “this racism, and this hatred still exists,” USA Today reported.

The restaurant initially told the customer that they were banned from returning, but an internal investigation revealed that the customer did not write the note — the employee did.

“After further investigation, we have learned that our employee fabricated the entire story,” Terry Turney, COO of Saltgrass told USA TODAY. “The customer has been contacted and invited back to our restaurant to dine on us. Racism of any form is intolerable, and we will always act swiftly should it occur in any of our establishments. Falsely accusing someone of racism is equally disturbing.”

In an interview with the Odessa American, Cavil admitted to concocting the story.

“I’m sorry,” Cavil said. “I deeply made a huge, big mistake. And I’m in the process of getting the help that I need.”

The Odessa American noted that Cavil is no longer employed at the restaurant.