‘Expose Them All’: Social Media Users Anticipate Release Of ‘Convicting A Murderer,’ Starring Candace Owens
Candace Owens, 'Convicting a Murderer'
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The upcoming release of the DailyWire+ true crime series “Convicting a Murderer” is generating early buzz on social media as people look forward to the facts Candace Owens will reveal about the Steven Avery case. 

The series unveils the shocking truth behind one of the most controversial criminal cases in recent history. Avery’s case was popularized by the success of “Making a Murderer,” in which Avery was portrayed as an innocent victim of corrupt law enforcement — but Owens says there’s more to the story of Teresa Halbach’s murder than what viewers were shown in the Netflix series. 

DailyWire+ will premiere the first episode of Candace Owens’ highly anticipated true crime series “Convicting a Murderer” for free on X on Friday beginning at 9 p.m EST. The first episode will remain on the X platform for free on demand indefinitely.

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday that he is excited to watch “Convicting a Murderer” when the first three episodes are released later this week. 

“So hype for [Candace Owens’] #ConvictingAMurderer dropping this Friday,” Posobiec wrote. “It’s time for the Netflix FalseCrime Industrial Complex to get what they deserve. These people are the lowest of the low scum in America. Expose them all.” 

X user Vjonty replied to Posobiec’s post, writing, “Yes, Expose them all!” 

Another X user said, “I cannot wait, time to cleanse [N]etflix from the woke in it.” 

“I enjoyed Making a Murderer but I also am anticipating this to challenge my own beliefs,” another person said

The 10-episode true crime series takes a closer look at key evidence, unearths shocking new testimonies, and contains exclusive interviews with subjects not included in the Netflix show, including law enforcement officers, family members, and fans-turned-investigators whose lives have been profoundly impacted by the case.

“I am sick and tired of media deception,” says Owens in the series. “I think that there are very few documentaries that inspired international outrage more than ‘Making a Murderer.’ If the filmmakers were honestly trying to tell a complete story of what happened that day, why would they omit so many different things? I don’t think anyone can argue that ‘Making a Murderer’ left us with a lot of questions and very few answers. How can they claim to care about the truth?” 

DailyWire+ will stream the first two episodes of the highly anticipated true crime series for free on the platform on Friday with early access for members beginning on Thursday. Episode one will also be available to view on the DailyWire+ YouTube channel as well as on X. The remaining seven episodes will debut weekly on the subscriber-based streaming service every Thursday.

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