‘Evil Exists’: Former SEALs Talk To Rogan About Criticism Of Training, Warn Against Woke Push In The Military

A U.S. Navy SEAL (SEa, Air, and Land) rappels from an MH-53 "Pave Low" helicopter to the deck of the amphibious command ship USS Mount Whitney during a training exercise January 17, 2003 while at sea.
Photo by George R. Kusner/U.S. Navy/Getty Images

Former Navy SEALs Mike Sarraile and Andy Stumpf spoke to Joe Rogan about the criticism of their training and warned against the push of “progressive policies” in the military because “evil exists.”

During Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Thursday, the host asked his guests to respond to criticism over their training after video surfaced online showing “guys getting exposure to CS gas” outside who looked like they were passing out, couldn’t breath, and more.

“And the point of that training is it’s supposed to be difficult,” Stumpf explained. “It’s supposed to suck. It’s supposed to be difficult. You’re supposed to be exposed to that in a controlled training environment. … It sucks. But the first time you experience that shouldn’t be in a combat zone.”

“So, it’s a volunteer only program,” he added. “You can leave this particular training block if you want at any given time. And oh, by the way, every branch of the military exposes their people to this.”

Rogan noted that they “exposed people to it on” the TV reality game show he used to host, “Fear Factor.”

Stumpf said that when people ask him about the training and how people have died from it, he said he tells them, “It needs to continue to happen.”

“I don’t want it to happen,” Andy said. “I don’t want anybody to lose their life. But if the training becomes so exceedingly safe that that’s not a potential, then we’re not serving people in that training. And we’re not preparing them for what the battlefield’s going to expect.”


Sarraille said there’s “been a push to make the military a playground for progressive policies.”

“And it is the last place, politically, that we want people playing,” Sarraille explained. “And, I mean, you even see China has an initiative to actually make their men more masculine. Yeah, so we’re going the opposite direction. You know, there’s a diversity, equity, and inclusion chief at the Pentagon now who wrote a book that basically called the first responders menaces … basically painted them as white supremacists. It’s going [in] a very bad direction.”

Rogan asked his guests how these “progressive policies” are infecting the military. Mike said he’s “sick and tired” of these perceptions people have about the military thanks to Hollywood. Sarraille said people don’t understand what is necessary to be trained for what they face on the battlefield.

“We’ve gotten comfortable,” Sarraille admitted. “We’ve gotten way too comfortable here. And if they saw the atrocities that we saw over there, they would understand why [training is necessary]. You know, evil exists … we saw ISIS throwing gay men from seven-story roofs with the people in the town watching.”

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