ESPN Slammed After Claiming ‘Noose’ Was Found In Bubba Wallace’s Garage In 2020: ‘Race-Hoaxing Clowns’
AVONDALE, ARIZONA - NOVEMBER 07: Bubba Wallace, driver of the #23 Door Dash Toyota, waits on the grid prior to the NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway on November 07, 2021 in Avondale, Arizona.
Jared C. Tilton/23XI Racing via Getty Images

ESPN faced backlash on Tuesday afternoon over a tweet that claimed that a “noose” was found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage last year, despite the fact that the FBI concluded that it was a garage door pull.

ESPN made the claim in a nearly three-minute preview video that it posted to Twitter about a documentary that the left-leaning sports organization released today on Bubba Wallace and a controversy that emerged last year when a crew member reported finding a “noose” in his garage.

Nowhere in the short video clip did ESPN disclose the fact that NASCAR had said in a statement that the FBI concluded that the “noose” was a garage door pull down rope.

“The FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall,” NASCAR said in its statement. “This was obviously well before the 43 team’s arrival and garage assignment.”

Notable responses to ESPN’s claim included:

  • Sean Davis, The Federalist: “It was a garage pull cord that had been there for months, you dishonest, race-baiting, race-hoaxing clowns.”
  • Bryan Dean Wright, former CIA officer: “Totally fake news. Didn’t happen.”
  • John Cardillo, political commentator: “You lying motherf***ers. It was a garage door pull and you know it, but you are lying your as*es off to fan the flames.”
  • Stephen Miller, political commentator: “ESPN itself reported this to be false.”
  • Eric July, political commentator: “Was this story not proved to be like a garage pull or some shit? Hahaha”
  • Seth Dillon, The Babylon Bee: “It was a pull rope that long predated Wallace’s assignment to that garage. Pretending it was more than that is evil.”
  • Rich Lowry, National Review: “Who’s going to tell them?”
  • Jim Hanson, defense expert: “OR A rope pull for a garage door was used to play Woke BS.”
  • Gerry Callahan, radio host: “It was a wonderful show of support and all but … it wasn’t a noose. Doesn’t that kind of matter?”
  • Curtis Houck, NewsBusters: “Except it wasn’t true. It was a garage pull that people thought looked like a noose. The FBI cares more about investigating that and parents who attend school board meetings than investigating the likes of Larry Nassar, Nicholas Cruz, etc.”
  • Kylee Zempel, The Federalist: “You’d think these clowns would want the world to forget that they had the FBI investigate a garage door pull cord. NOPE 🤡”
  • Will Ricciardella, Fox News: “I don’t think the person who tied that rope with the propose of pulling a garage door down could’ve possibly seen this coming. But here we are.”
  • Chris Bedford, The Federalist: “This was debunked a year ago…Are we celebrating the courage to see a garage pull-cord now?”
  • Tom Shattuck, radio host: “What a bunch of pure horse sh*t. There was no noose. This was a pathetic theatrical performance.”
  • Jesse Kelly, political commentator: “Here’s the biggest sports network in America producing an entire documentary about another race hoax as if it was real.”
  • Kurt Schlichter, attorney: “This is a giant lie, Race Car Jussie.”

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Wallace found the rope. It was found and reported by a crew member.

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