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EQUALITY: Johnnie Walker Is Releasing Limited Edition Bottles With ‘Jane Walker’ Female Logo

By  Emily Zanotti

The iconic scotch brand, Johnnie Walker, is giving its bottles an update, swapping out its traditional sketch of a dapper “Johnnie Walker” for a more feminine, “Jane Walker,” in a bid to get more women interested in drinking the company’s Black Label liquor.

Diageo, the beverage company that owns the Johnnie Walker label, says the move is in service of a push toward equality for women and to attract more female drinkers ,who might be “intimidated” by scotches and whiskies, to the Johnnie Walker brand.

“Scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women,” Johnnie Walker brand VP Stephanie Jacoby told Bloomberg. “It’s a really exciting opportunity to invite women into the brand.”

Jane Walker will appear on a quarter million Black Label bottles beginning in March. For every Jane Walker bottle sold, Diageo will donate a dollar to “organizations that promote women, including Monumental Women and She Should Run.”

Obviously, Johnnie Walker isn’t the first — and probably won’t be the last — brand to try to make a product specifically for women. Bic, the pen company, has had pink pens sold as “ladies’ writing implements” for years. And Doritos recently introduced — and then rolled back — a new “female-friendly” tortilla chip that doesn’t crunch and comes in a bag designed to fit in a woman’s purse.

They, however, appear to be the first liquor brand that doesn’t specialize in flavored vodkas to make a drink geared specifically toward women (no word on how long it will take for “Jackie Daniels,” “Josefina Cuervo,” or “Mama Van Winkle” to appear).

Frankly, as a dedicated scotch drinker, and, upon last examination, a woman, I have to say I find Johnnie Walker’s bizarre “equality” promotion kind of insulting. If a woman can’t hold her scotch, a sketch of a woman in a top hat isn’t going to suddenly force her to man up and enjoy real alcohol. It’s also quite obvious that a simple sketch of (an admittedly clothed, non-sexual) lady on an alcohol bottle isn’t going to contribute much to the cause for equality.

Plus, as a woman, I just prefer Green Label. The smokey, peaty blend is much more to my feminine taste (and it goes better with a good cigar).

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