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Epic! Media! Fail! Only One-Third Believe Russia Influenced Election

The best way to track the national media’s now-nonexistent ability to influence public opinion is through election results and polling. What is especially important to look at is the outcome of public opinion after a massive and coordinated media campaign. I’ll go into more specifics below, but for now, because there is a God and He does love us, we have just received news that only one-third of Americans believe the Russians influenced the presidential election:

Just one-third of Americans say they believe Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted last week.

Forty-four percent of the 2,0 00 voters polled Dec. 15 through Dec. 19 said they did not think Russia influenced November’s election, while a quarter are still unsure.

On top of that, a majority of 51% “had a lot or some trust in [Trump] to provide accurate information about foreign intelligence and events overseas that affect the U.S.” Fifty-five percent said the same about Obama.

That’s right, after all the pounding the media has done to undermine Trump’s credibility, and after all the slavish worship this same media has offered Obama, Trump is only 4 points behind President SlowGrowth on The Media’s Top Issue of the Day.

The national media’s influence is so doornail dead, despite a relentless campaign filled with lies and rhetorical tricks (the Russians “hacked the election”), a full 67% of the public isn’t buying it, and there has to be a whole lot of Democrats in that number.

Let us count the ways in which our media has proved, time and again and again, they have lost all of moral authority with the American people:

1. Majority Have Never Even Heard of the ‘Alt-Right’

2.” Since the 1990s, support for gun controls has fallen off dramatically while support for Constitutionally-protected gun rights has rise.

3. Election night.

4. Overwhelming Number of Voters Rejected News Media Bias

5. Hillary Loses Record Number of Faithless Electors.

Gun control, defeating Trump, pressuring the electoral college, and now Russian influence of our election… All of these represent weeks-long, and in the case of gun control and Trump, years-long coordinated MSM propaganda campaigns that have utterly and totally failed.

What is left to say other than “God bless America.”

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