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Epic Fail: House GOP May Have To REVOTE On Trumpcare Because They Screwed Up

By  Robert

According to a report from Bloomberg News, House Republicans may need to vote again on passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), depending on forthcoming Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates of its future financial impacts.

Billy House writes at Bloomberg News:

According to several aides and other procedural experts, if Republicans send the bill to the Senate now and the CBO later concludes it doesn’t save at least $2 billion, it would doom the bill and Republicans would have to start their repeal effort all over with a new budget resolution. Congressional rules would likely prevent Republicans from fixing the bill after it’s in the Senate, the aides said.

If Republican leaders hold onto the bill until the CBO report is released, then Ryan and his team could still redo it if necessary. That would require at least one more House vote of some sort.

President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans repeatedly framed the House’s passage of the AHCA as a “repeal” of the Affordable Care Act (colloquially referred to as “Obamacare”).

H/T Billy House at Bloomberg News.

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