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Elizabeth Warren Makes Even STRANGER Claim About Her History: She’s A ‘Capitalist’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is well known for claiming a Native American heritage she can’t prove. But Monday, the Massachusetts Democrat made an even wilder claim about her personal history: that she’s a capitalist.

Speaking to the New England Council, at an event typically used to springboard candidates into a national campaign, Warren said she believes in markets and trade, while highlighting a bankruptcy policy change she offered back in 2009.

Warren has styled herself as a “bankruptcy expert,” but her proposals to reform the bankruptcy process have been routinely demolished by economists more familiar with the subject. She also regularly claims not to be opposed to “capitalism” per se, but to “crony capitalism,” though her solution isn’t freer markets and fewer regulations, it’s a quasi-socialist collection of monetary policies that punish those who make money, and provide handouts to those who don’t.

But Warren, who is obviously running for president in 2020, is trying to rehab her public image, and in addition to cozying up to Native American tribes, she’s also trying to cozy up to moderates who fear the term “socialist” as a way to describe policy.

The problem is, of course, she’s losing her core constituency: the socialists.

You can’t be the next Bernie Sanders and also decline to demolish America’s financial system.