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ELECTION NIGHT: Midwestern States, All The Latest Results

By  Emily Zanotti

UPDATE: 10:10 pm CST:

In MISSOURI, Republican John Hawley has officially defeated Democrat Claire McCaskill. This was a huge win for Republicans, giving them an additional Senate seat, and ending McCaskill’s stranglehold on her Senate seat.

In MICHIGAN, Sen. Debbie Stabenow has hung on to her seat, despite a last-minute challenge from Republican John James. The ones untouchable Democrat came within mere points of losing her seat, even as Democrat took the top offices in Michigan.

UPDATE: 9:40 pm CST:

In ILLINOIS, Rep. Peter Roskam, a longtime Republican Congressman, has lost to Democrat Sean Casten. That is a big loss for the GOP, and will have ramifications for Republican organization within the House. The loss was unexpected. Other Illinois Republicans will hold their seats.

In MISSOURI, Republican Josh Hawley has pulled out to an eight point lead over incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill.

UPDATE: 9:00 pm CST:

In MICHIGAN, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has defeated Republican Bill Schutte in that state’s gubernatorial race. Schutte was the heir apparent to Michigan’s rock star governor, Republican Rick Snyder, who repaired the state’s economy and made strides in defeating organized labor’s stranglehold on the state’s economy. Whitmer is a throwback to disastrous Democratic governor Jennifer Grahnholm.

In ILLINOIS, Republican Adam Kinzinger will hold on to his House seat, defeating a significant Democratic effort to flip that seat.

In IOWA, Rep. Steve King is now trailing his Democratic challenger.

In MISSOURI, Democrat Ilhan Omar has taken over the seat vacated by Rep. Keith Ellison, and will become the first Somali-American woman to hold a seat in Congress. Omar was favored to win the seat, despite recently revealed Tweets indicating that she fully embraces anti-Semitism.

UPDATE: 8:30 pm CST:

The Republicans have solidified the Senate, picking up a seat in Tennessee. CNN is now definitely saying there has been no “blue wave.”

Senate races in MICHIGAN and MISSOURI are still trending close. Neither Stabenow nor McCaskill has pulled out a significant lead.

In ILLINOIS Chicago’s Democratic Representatives are still leading in their districts, and most within Chicago will keep their seats. Rep. Randy Hultgren, a Republican, is still on the fence in his district, facing an upstart, “Democratic socialist” style candidate in Lauren Underwood, who ran almost exclusively on the issue of health care.

We are still watching WISCONSIN where the vote is now trending towards incumbent Republican Scott Walker.


UPDATE: 8:00 pm CST:

MICHIGAN polls are now closed across the state and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer is leading Republican Bill Schutte by 10 points with around 10% of the polls reporting in. John James and Debbie Stabenow are tied.

In MISSOURI polls are just beginning to close. Democrat Claire McCaskill leads that Senate race, initially, but there are only a few precincts reporting in. McCaskill, speaking to MSNBC says she’s “proud” to be dead even with her Republican opponent.

In WISCONSIN, incumbent Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin will retain her seat. Republican governor
Scott Walker is tied with his Democratic challenger, but polls have just closed in Wisconsin.

In MINNESOTA, Democrats Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith — who replaced disgraced Senator Al Franken — will hold on to their seats..


UPDATE, 7:10 pm CST:

ILLINOIS: Fox News is now projecting that J.B. Pritzker has won the Illinois gubernatorial race, handily beating out Republican Bruce Rauner. That is a pickup for Democrats, but not an unexpected pickup.


Pre-Election House Seats:

Iowa: 3 Republicans, 1 Democrat

Illinois: 7 Republicans, 11 Democrats

Michigan: 9 Republicans, 4 Democrats

Minnesota: 3 Republicans, 4 Democrats

Missouri: 6 Republicans, 2 Democrats

Wisconsin: 5 Republicans, 3 Democrats

The Midwestern states have several key races to watch, including a race which could be the deciding factor in whether the Republicans keep the Senate — or even increase their majority. Democrats are also looking to flip plenty of seats in America’s heartland, hoping that anger and dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump in the “rust belt” will help propel the “blue wave” forward.

In Iowa, Democrats are looking to make several gains in the House, flipping the state’s 1st and 3rd districts. Rep. Steve King, the controversial Republican, is fighting for the 4th district, which has turned to a “toss-up” in recent days.

In Illinois, Republican governor Bruce Rauner is in a hotly contested race against billionaire Democrat J.B. Pritzker, who is looking to unseat the one-term Rauner after Rauner failed to curb the state’s financial crisis. Democrats are also looking to make big pickups in the House, flipping seats in Chicago’s suburbs and “collar counties” — the several, moderately red counties that surround Cook County.

In Michigan, races tightened in the last week, and Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who was once a lock for re-election is now running neck-and-neck with upstart Republican challenger John James. James has been boosted in recent days by internal Democratic polls that show him within two points of Stabenow, and a voice mail, left by an angry reporter, put James on the map on Election Day.

In Minnesota, former Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison is fighting to help Democrats hang on to the state’s Attorney General’s office, which Democrats have held for decades, but Ellison was put into danger after being accused of domestic violence by a former partner.

In Missouri, Republicans may make an unexpected gain in the Senate; Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley is poised to unseat longtime Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. McCaskill has been fighting for her political life in recent days, alienating herself from fellow Democrats in an effort to save her seat. The last polls put McCaskill six points behind Hawley.

In Wisconsin, Democrats are hoping to oust Republican Governor Scott Walker, an arch-nemesis of Wisconsin progressives since before President Donald Trump even appeared on the scene.

We’ll keep tabs on these races by updating this post. Check back regularly for news as polls close.

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