Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 13)
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2020/06/01: A participant holding a Defund Police sign at the protest. Hundreds of protesters gathered flooded the streets of Crown Heights in Brooklyn to demand the defunding of the police force and to demonstrate against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death by Officer Derek Chauvin who kept his knee on Floyd's neck for more than 8 1/2 minutes, including 2 1/2 minutes after Floyd became unresponsive.
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Welcome back to Education Insanity, a weekly column updating you on the most insane events taking place in our nation’s schools. Here we’ll delve into the growing presence of critical race theory — the ideology that claims that America is irredeemably rooted in racism — and “woke” culture.  

Let’s get started. 

10. UNC Hires ‘1619 Project’ Creator As Race And Investigative Journalism Professor – The College Fix 

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill announced that it hired Nikole Hannah-Jones — the author of the controversial New York Times “1619 Project” — to become a race and investigative journalism professor. Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer Prize for the “1619 Project,” though historians condemned the writings, forcing The New York Times to issue corrections over historical inaccuracies.  

9. Marquette Theology Class: Analyze How Systemic Racism ‘Benefits White People’ From ‘Theological Lens’ – Young America’s Foundation 

A Marquette University theology class asked students to analyze the “structural features of race and racism in the US”  through the “theological lens.” One of the stated objectives of the course is to “apply the notions of structural sin and justice as a structural virtue to identify concrete ways to challenge structural forms of racism in the United States.” 

8. Nonprofit ‘Gender Nation’ Donates Thousands Of ‘Inclusive’ Books To Elementary Schools In San Diego – The Daily Wire 

The superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) sent an email to parents announcing that the nonprofit Gender Nation would donate 2,000 “age-appropriate LGBTQ+  inclusive” books to the district. As part of its “mission to empower students through inclusive stories,” SDUSD school “will now have access to more literature specifically geared towards LGBTQ+ students.” 

7. UNC Hosts Black-Only Healing Space, ‘Racial Trauma Yoga’ Following Chauvin Verdict – Young America’s Foundation 

The University of North Carolina-Asheville hosted a “Black and African American Healing Space” as well as a “racial trauma yoga” session following the verdict of the Derek Chauvin case in Minneapolis. The school promoted two “healing spaces” for students, one for “Black and African Americans,” and the other for “Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming.” 

6. Parents Revolt After Texas’s No. 1 District Tries To Institutionalize Racism – The Federalist 

Several school board members at Carroll Independent School District in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, were arrested after parents found out what their schools have been teaching children in the name of “racial justice.” The race-based teaching came from the district’s “Cultural Competence Action Plan,” which is rooted in critical race theory. 

5. Oregon Track Coach Blasts Mask Rule After Runner Collapses From ‘Complete Oxygen Debt’ – The College Fix 

A high school distance runner in Oregon passed out on the track from what her coach described as “complete oxygen debt” from wearing a mask while running. Coach Dave Turnbull ripped the state’s face mask mandate for outdoor competitive distance runners. In an interview, Turnbull said the state’s health code is “not reasonable” and challenged bureaucrats to run with a mask on.

4. New ‘G’ Grading Policy Will Allow University of Pittsburgh Professors To Pass Students Who Don’t Complete Coursework By End Of Semester – Campus Reform 

The University of Pittsburgh reconfigured its grading policy to allow students to receive a passing grade for incomplete or missing assignments. Professors will now be able to give students a passing “G” grade, which used to be temporary placeholders for incomplete or missing assignments. Now, professors can alter the “G” grading system and give students a letter grade for an assignment that was never turned in. 

3. Tulane University To Host Hunter Biden As Guest Speaker For Class On ‘Media Polarization’ – The Daily Wire 

Tulane University will host Hunter Biden as a guest speaker for a class focused on media polarization and the impacts of media on public policy. According to a course description, Tulane will offer a fall semester class titled, “Media Polarization and Public Policy Impacts.”  

2. School District Tells Principals To Create Fake Curriculum To Send Parents After Complaints Of Indoctrination – The Daily Wire 

An official in Rockwood School District, Missouri, instructed teachers to create two sets of curriculum: a false one to share with parents, and a real set of curriculum, focused on topics like activism and privilege. The official wrote to all middle and high school principals that parents had repeatedly complained that the district was “pushing an agenda.” 

1. WATCH: Professor Berates Student For Calling Police ‘Heroes’ – The Daily Wire

A professor at Cypress College in Southern California berated a student during a Zoom class for calling the police “heroes.” The professor insisted that shows such as “Paw Patrol” are not acceptable for children because they promote positive images of police to children. 

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