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Dyson: BLM/AntiFa ‘Are Preserving The Fabric Of America’

“Black Lives Matter and Antifa are interested in preserving the fabric of America,” said Michael Eric Dyson last Wednesday during a CNN discussion about recent unrest in Charlottesville, VA.

Dyson joined CNN contributor Jason Miller and hostess Poppy Harlow on New Day in making his comments.

The use of violence to shut down “bigotry,” suggested Dyson, is both moral and lawful:

To equate the violence in reaction against bigotry with the bigotry itself is to misunderstand the fact that when you go to cancer treatment, the radiation is tough treatment, but it is meant to remove the cancer.

So what [Jason Miller] fails to understand, and what the president especially fails to understand is that you are complicit with the worst currents of bigotry in this country when you try to draw a false equivalence between secessionists and racists and Confederate defenders and bigots and neo-Nazis, and African-American and white people and others who have defended the right of this nation to really seek a path of healing beyond the consternation we see now.

Watch the segment below.

In introducing the segment, Harlow described a “shocking equivalency” drawn between assorted white racial nationalist organizers and participants of Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” rally and its detractors; including but not limited to “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa.”

As a sociology professor at Georgetown University, Dyson instructs students in courses entitled, “Hip Hop Culture: Origins/Meaning/Consequences,” “Sociology/Hip-Hop: Urban Theodicy Jay-Z,” and “Barack Obama and Race.”

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Dyson currently writes op-eds for The New York Times and is an alumnus of MSNBC.

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