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DreamWorks Children’s Show Warns Kids About The Evils Of A Border Wall

In a recent episode of All Hail King Julien, an animated children’s series on Netfilx based on characters from DreamWorks’ hit film Madagascar, the main character, a lemur, proposes that they build a wall to keep out foreign animals who are taking their jobs and housing. Click above for the clip.

“There’s only one way to do it,” one of the animals says in a southern accent, adding, “We have to build a wall!” The other island animals start chanting, “Wall! Wall! Wall!,” until the king “Trump” lemur declares, “I’m gonna do something for our stuff that’s under siege. I’m gonna build a wall!”

As the animals get busy building, they sing a catchy tune called, “Don’t Touch Our Stuff.” The Huffington Post describes it this way, “As if they’re more racist versions of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, the lemurs then sing a song while they build their wall, concluding with the line, “We’re closed for business, just go away.”

That’s right, Hollywood, teach those kids that Americans who care about borders, property rights, and obeying the law are just plain selfish and “racist.” If only we could be like those other peace-loving borderless countries that nobody’s discovered yet.

Mitch Watson, the All Hail King Julien showrunner, told HuffPo that the episode is absolutely meant to be a direct commentary on Trump’s number one campaign talking point.

“The song ‘Don’t Touch Our Stuff’ is essentially about building a wall to keep other animals away because Julien and the lemurs feel they are taking away their jobs even though the lemurs don’t work, and taking their housing even through there are plenty of trees, and eating their food even though there is more than enough for everyone,” Watson told the leftist news source.

The HuffPo article goes on to spell out what you already know, this show, like so much entertainment directed at kids, is about progressive leftist indoctrination.

“All Hail” attempts to satirize many aspects of American pop culture and politics. “We’ve done episodes on gun control (the lemurs begin arming themselves with deadly scorpions that ultimately turn on them),” said Watson in a long list of examples, including the richest 1 percent, religion vs. science and trigger warnings. In a particularly scary prescience for today, Watson also mentioned that the show created a satire about “starting a war on a supposed ‘weaker’ species to bond your kingdom (Julien attacks the Butterfly Kingdom only to discover they are insane warriors).”

The original idea for “Don’t Touch Our Stuff” may have come in early 2015. The team wanted to satirize the more general deportation and isolationism issues in American politics. But with Trump’s rise since then, the show has leaned on the connection and championed the attack on the “certain presidential candidate that millennials love to hate,” as a DreamWorks PR person explained.

Still, “that any candidate would have a chance of making this idea a big part of their campaign” continues to baffle Watson.

Watson added that, “DreamWorks and Netflix have been very supportive about the kind of stories we wanted to tell on the show.” Of course they have.

Exit thought from this 1939 Merrie Melodies cartoon “Old Glory”…

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