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Dr. Oz In Talks To Return To Television: Report
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 11: Dr. Mehmet Oz receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 11, 2022 in Hollywood, California.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, a U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, is reportedly in talks to return to television if he does not win the Republican Party nomination for the seat. The news comes as another GOP candidate has surged to the top of the polls.

“He is only 61-years-old and isn’t ready to retire if he doesn’t go to Washington DC,” sources told Radar, the same publication that broke the Jeff Zucker scandal at CNN. “No one wants to admit defeat, but he isn’t a stupid man. He knows his campaign is on life support. Like any good doctor, he is already looking for alternatives to keep his career alive if he doesn’t win. Fortunately for him, his appearances on Fox News and Newsmax have impressed the bosses. There is no doubt that he is a very gifted communicator on TV. Which is why there has already been talk about him becoming a primetime opinion host.”

According to Radar, an insider told the publication that if Oz loses, “we have not heard the last of Dr. Oz.” The report comes as  polling shows that former hedge fund CEO David McCormick, backed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), has blown past Oz in the primary.

Fox News reported:

McCormick has a clear advantage in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate, including besting television celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz — although many primary voters remain undecided.

A Fox News survey of Pennsylvania GOP primary voters finds McCormick tops Oz by 9 points (24%-15%).  Others receive support in the single digits, including Kathy Barnette and Jeff Bartos (9% each), and Carla Sands (6%).  Nearly one-third (31%) are unsure which candidate they will support in the May 17 primary. 

There have been numerous questions that have surfaced about whether Oz is actually a conservative or just an opportunist who believes that it is easiest t0 win as a Republican right now given the disastrous Democrat Biden administration.

Oz, who has a history of donating to Democrats, was grilled by Fox News in December on issues that matter most to conservative voters, including guns and abortion.

Fox News “Primetime” co-host Will Cain specifically pressed Oz on his abortion views, including on when he believes life begins, which he refused to answer.

“What do you think the laws should be on abortion?” Cain asked.

“I’m pro-life,” Dr. Oz claimed. “I do believe in three exceptions, the health for the mother being the primary one, but rape and incest as well. And I would vote to ensure that if the judiciary is reviewing an abortion law that they follow the Constitution, it’s quite clear. That Alabama case is in point did not include those exceptions.”

“But, Dr. Oz, that’s currently being debated at the Supreme Court. So, setting aside the exceptions, which I appreciate, what about, what is your position as both a doctor and a senatorial candidate on when life begins?” Cain asked. “When should we draw the line when abortion is is legal?”

“As a doctor, I appreciate the sanctity of life,” Dr. Oz responded. “And for that reason, I’m strongly pro-life with the three exceptions I’ve mentioned. That’s how I would vote.”

“And when does that life begin?” Cain asked.

“You know, I get it. If I’m pro life, then that’s a decision that comes back to the sanctity of when you think life does begin,” Dr. Oz responded. “And I believe it begins when you’re in the mother’s womb.”

“When you’re in the mother’s womb?” Cain asked. “But that carries you all the way up to nine months of pregnancy.”

“No, of course not,” Dr. Oz claimed. “Life’s already started when you’re in your mother’s womb. It’s a rathole to get trapped into different ways of talking about it. We need as a nation to make sure the Constitution is appropriately followed. And people like me and you may be in the same camp, who are pro-life, have our feelings respected. And this is something that should not be taken away from us by judiciary legislating from the bench.”

Oz responded to the report on Twitter, calling it “fake news.”


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