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DON’T WATCH: The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’

First, the Great Deities Of Natural Selection came for the idiots with carsurfing: A 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control identified 58 newspaper reports of car-surfing deaths and 41 reports of nonfatal injury from 1990 through summer 2008.

Next, they came for them with Tide Pods.

But now, they have come with a challenge that is beyond painful and beyond insane and beyond imbecilic: the “hot coil challenge.”

Imagine, if you will, someone addled enough in their brain to show how tough they are by placing their bare forearm on a burner of an electric stove that has been heated to its maximum strength.

Imagine, if you will, a human being who would also have the flesh-searing event videotaped for posterity.

Imagine no longer:

Yes, the range of human stupidity is truly astonishing.