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Don’t Want To Die? Join The Military. Don’t Live In Chicago.

If you’re a young man, you are safer in the military than you are in the most dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago.

In 2017, in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, which has roughly 98,000 residents, there were 467 people killed or shot. In the city of Chicago in 2017, over 3,500 people were shot, and 675 homicides were committed.

Meanwhile, guess how many military members were killed in the U.S. military in 2017? According to data from the Chicago Tribune and from the Department of Defense’s press office, 37 service members, as CNSNews reported.

Among military deaths, some were combat-related; some were non-combat related. As CNSNews pointed out, Chicago citywide had 17.9 times more homicides than the U.S. military worldwide in 2017.

And the carnage continues: Over the weekend, 20 people were shot in Chicago, and there were five homicides. On average, a person is murdered every 13 hours in Chicago.

And yet noted expert Trevor Noah of Comedy central opined in October 2017, “If other cities in America have more violence per capita, then why would the right be so obsessed with Chicago? … I get it. When there’s shootings, Obama is from Chicago. All the other times he’s from Kenya. Now it makes sense. … These people don’t care about Chicago’s murder rates. They care about how they can use Chicago to score political points.”

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