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Donald Of ‘World’s Greatest Memory’ Can Remember Only One Thing. You’ll Never Guess What It Is.

By  Hank Berrien

Remember where you were yesterday? Or the day before? Or where you were twenty years ago today? Sure you do, because you’re Donald Trump, and you stride through the world like a Colossus, boasting that you have the “world’s greatest memory.”

But then why, for goodness sakes, couldn’t you remember saying that, and why, facing a deposition regarding Trump University, would you say “I don’t remember” a staggering 59 times?

You don’t remember any of this?

Let’s refresh your memory a little.

Remember when NBC News reported last November, “The front-runner is now acting invincible — he even told NBC News in a phone call that he has ‘the world’s greatest memory’”?


How about this. You remember when you couldn’t recall specific claims, documents or events related to the Trump University case during your deposition, triggering a lawyer for the plaintiffs, Jason Forge, to ask you if you believed your own statements that you had “one of the best memories in the world.”


Relax, Donald, we’re trying to help you here.

See if this jogs your . . . memory. Here’s the exchange:

Forge: One of the all-time great memories?

You: Yes, I said that.

Forge: And do you believe that’s true? Do you have one of the all-time great memories?

You: I have a very good memory, yes.

Forge: Do you believe you have one of the best memories in the world?

You: That I can’t tell you. I can’t tell for other people, but I have a good memory.

Forge: You’ve stated though, that you have one of the best memories in the world?

You: I don’t know. Did I use that expression?

Forge: Yes.

You: Could I see it?

Hmm. How many times did you say “I don’t remember” in the deposition? You don’t remember? Really, Donald, with a memory like yours that shouldn’t be so hard. (Sigh) Okay, as usual, we’ll get someone else to do the heavy lifting . . .

Here’s an easy one for you, if you’re losing confidence. What famous Democratic politician did you say would make a great president in 2008?

You don’t remember? You donated to her senatorial campaign, for goodness sake.

You still don’t remember?

How about this, then: When was the last time you held a position for more than a week without changing it?

Don’t feel so bad about that; we don’t remember either.

How about this? Who’s the most terrific, fabulous, wonderful, unbelievable person in the whole world, someone who is never wrong, someone who should be worshiped by Americans from coast to coast?

You knew!

We knew you would remember that one!

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