‘Do The Math’: Joe Concha Says ‘It’s A Lie’ That Biden Answers 20-30 Questions Per Week
WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 22: U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walk toward the Marine One for a South Lawn departure from the White House November 22, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden and the first lady are traveling to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to celebrate Friendsgiving with service members and military families. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
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The Hill’s media and political columnist Joe Concha said Wednesday that it was a “lie” that President Joe Biden answered “20-30 questions per week” as asserted by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Concha joined several Fox News hosts on the midday broadcast of “Outnumbered,” where the conversation ranged from inflation and supply-chain issues to President Biden’s apparent unwillingness to take direct questions from the press.

Cohost and former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany began the segment with a comment about inflation and the fact that Americans were bracing for what was expected to be the most expensive Thanksgiving on record, noting with a laugh that just a few months earlier the Biden administration had boasted about Fourth of July picnics costing $0.16 less than they did in 2020.

“It’s a joke,” cohost Julie Banderas agreed. “And you know what’s also a joke is the fact that we can’t get answers from the White House.”

Banderas went on to claim that Psaki must be “in denial that inflation exists” given her repeated insistence that the economy is strong.

“That is kind of a double-edged sword. How strong is your economy when people are paying double what they were a year ago for a lot of regular items?” she asked.

Pivoting to criticize President Biden directly, Banderas expressed sympathy for journalists who were frustrated at Biden’s apparent unwillingness to take direct questions about the issues facing everyday Americans.

“As a former press secretary, first of all, Jen Psaki’s face, as I was mentioning to you earlier, every time Peter Doocy asks a question, is so disrespectful. She doesn’t even look at him,” Banderas said to McEnany. “When you had 40 people in the room asking tough questions, she’s got one. When finishing his remarks, Biden once again ignored reporters’ questions. One actually pled with Biden saying, ‘When will you answer our questions, Sir?’ Who’s preventing them from answering questions — is it him or are his handlers and we don’t want you to answer questions because people are going to like the answer. We need to the answer. We need transparency.”

McEnany rolled the tape of Biden walking away while reporters shouted questions at him. “President Biden’s back. It’s an image I’m seeing too much of,” she quipped.

“And Jen Psaki has the audacity to say that the president takes questions from the press all the time. He takes 20-30 questions a week, from the press. One time, at band camp,” Concha replied, delivering a halting imitation of Alyson Hannigan’s character from “American Pie” and prompting laughs from the panel.

“Oh my God, that’s the best impersonation, hands-down,” Banderas laughed.

“There is no shot, just do the math,” Concha continued. “Just go back and look at transcript, look at interviews. He does not do in any capacity 20 to 30 questions a week. I mean, that’s a lie, let’s call it what it is, right?”

Concha went on to say that Biden’s plan to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket at the estate of a private equity billionaire

“It is so patently out of touch,” he said, adding, “By blowing off the press again, to Julie’s point, it shows that the president just does not seem to care and it’s not just about gas prices, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. It’s about the food the people are buying on Thanksgiving, to your point earlier, but home heating. That is going to become a big, big issue that you’re going to hear about a lot more. That’s expected to rise fifty percent this winter. And you think the president’s poll numbers are horrible now, just wait until lower-income folks struggle to pay their heating bills or have to make choice between that and food and gas. That’s when you are really going to see 36% will look like a great day compared to what we may see by February or March, guys.”

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