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DNC Vice Chair Suggests It’s Time Democrats Push To Repeal The Second Amendment

The Left has insisted that although they’d like to severely regulate the sale and use of guns in this country, they have no designs on repealing the Second Amendment, which, according to recent Supreme Court decisions, guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms.

That, in fact, may be changing. A Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee tweeted over the weekend her support for repealing the Second Amendment, linking to a piece written by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens explaining how the time had come to eliminate the Constitutional right to self-protection once and for all.

Senator Karen Carter Peterson heads up efforts to promote “civic engagement and voter participation” for the DNC.

Peterson is just the latest in a line of leftists suggesting that repealing the Second Amendment may be the only option in achieving true gun control. Last week, the response to Stevens’s article was an outpouring of support for the idea, rather than concern that a single event, where government forces failed to enforce the laws in place, would motivate the complete denigration of the Bill of Rights.

Fortunately, Peterson met with serious resistance on social media, and the Democratic Party probably isn’t likely to change its platform to outlaw all guns (at least, not until the progressive left finally wrests control). High-ranking members of the Louisiana Democratic Party, of which Peterson is a member, immediately distanced themselves from her bizarre idea.

But Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk told USA Today Network the state party is “a strong supporter of the Second Amendment” that protects Americans’ rights to bear arms.

When asked if the tweet was reflective of the party’s position or Peterson’s, Handwerk said, “Of course not.”

Peterson responded by sharing tweets suggesting that she’s a martyr because Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Or something.


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