Disney+ Dumps $50 Million Sci-Fi Flick In Less Than 8 Weeks Because ‘Crater’ … Cratered
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Teen science fiction movie “Crater” has been removed from the Disney+ streaming platform just seven weeks after its initial release date.

According to a report from We Got This Covered, the streaming giant has been systematically purging content that hasn’t generated enough revenue in an effort to secure tax breaks on the losses.

The Kyle Patrick Alvarez-directed sci-fi adventure was just one of many movies and shows to get the axe – but as some pointed out, it was one of the few that had been available for such a short time on the platform.

Released on May 12, the $50-million project was about a teenager who, instead of relocating to a distant planet, hijacked a rover with some friends to fulfill his late father’s last wish.

But as Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out, the film’s attempts to infuse social commentary into what might have been an entertaining plot might have been part of the reason for its failure to launch.

“The film thinks about the inequality that leaves many living on the lunar surface as a permanent workforce while far wealthier individuals fly off to the paradisal Omega. The kids so desperately, so to speak, want to be ‘the masters of their own destiny,'” film reviewer Robert Daniels wrote of “Crater” — which he gave three stars.


“On their journey, they pass half-built cities and abandoned futuristic test homes emblematic of the half-promises fully broken by the local government. This is also a pro-union movie that sees festering inequality as a symptom of nefarious capitalists,” he added.

Of course, the fact that Disney did very little to advertise the film’s release may have also contributed to its lower-than-expected numbers.

But with the decision to pull the movie from the platform after just seven weeks, unless Disney sells the film to another streamer or strikes a deal with another distributor, it’s not likely that anyone will ever see it again.

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