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‘Dishonest’: Candace Responds After Media Pit Her Against Trump In Interview Discussing COVID Vax
Candace Owens is seen on set of "Candace" on November 01, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will air on Tuesday, November 2nd.
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Candace Owens trended on Twitter Thursday evening after the media pitted The Daily Wire host against former President Donald Trump over a discussion the two had about the COVID vaccine and mandates during an exclusive interview.

While the media claimed Trump “rebuked” Owens’ “anti-vax talking points,” the pair cordially discussed the vaccine and both agreed that mandates are anti-freedom — something the media left out.

Owens slammed the framing of their discussion as “dishonest.”

“During an interview with Candace Owens this week, Donald Trump actually pushed back on anti-vaccine talking points and encouraged viewers to get their shots. (Yes, you read that correctly),” read a tweet from The Daily Beast. The actual headline was even more dramatized: “Trump Rebukes Candace Owens’ Anti-Vax Talking Points: ‘The Vaccine Works.’”

“What?! LOL This is such a dishonest headline,” Owens reacted. “Trump did not push back against anything I said. We agreed that vaccine mandates and masking children are wrong. He simply expressed that he believes vaccines work and people should get them.”

“I have no issue with any person who wants to get the vaccine,” the “Candace” host reiterated. “I just will never ever let that vaccine into my body. I believe firmly that Big Pharma is the greatest evil on the face of the planet. I am healthy, young, in shape and simply unafraid of Covid-19.”

During Owens’ exclusive interview with the former president, which is available in its entirety for Daily Wire members, Trump praised his administration’s accomplishment of getting the vaccine to Americans in record time and championed the effectiveness of the shot. He also told Owens he’s against the vaccine being mandated, as well as mandates forcing children to wear masks.

“Where do you stand on these vaccine mandates?” Owens asked Trump. “Obviously, I know that you are pro-vaccine … you did everything you could to get this vaccine out. I know where you stand on the vaccine.”

“It was one of the greatest achievements — we did it in less than nine months,” Trump responded.

“100%,” Owens agreed. “But now it’s taken a twist, right? … We went from: this a good thing, people should have this option, to: military men, you’re going to have to resign because you’re not getting this vaccine.”

“Well, I stand on — forget about the mandates, people have to have their freedom,” the former president answered.

Owens then went on to note that more people have died with COVID under President Joe Biden than did during Trump’s last year in office. “Yet more people have died under COVID this year, by the way, under Joe Biden, than under you and more people took the vaccine this year,” she said. “So people are questioning how — ”

“Oh no, the vaccines work,” Trump said.” Owens replied, “Yeah.”

“The ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine,” the former president said. “But it’s still their choice. And if you take the vaccine, you’re protected. … Look, the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it’s a very minor form. People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”

“What about the masking of children?” Owens followed-up.

“I think it’s a terrible thing,” Trump said. “I don’t like to see the kids with the masks on. They’re sitting in school, they have a hard enough time sitting in school. … I’m against it.”

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