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DILLY, DILLY: Beer Ad Phrase BANNED From Augusta National During Masters Tournament

By  Emily Zanotti

If you utter the bizarre phrase, “Dilly, Dilly,” made annoyingly popular by a Bud Light beer ad, you’ll be unceremoniously booted from the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National this weekend.

According to CBS News, security officials at Augusta released a list of “banned phrases” to all Augusta staff, and top on the list is the brewing company’s latest signature tagline. Say it, and security will remove you from the tournament, no questions asked.

The editor of golf magazine, Bunkered, confirmed the rumor.

Apparently, golf fans have taken to screaming “Dilly, Dilly” at certain major PGA contenders, right after the tee off. According to Bunkered, this season’s tournaments have suffered from “rowdy fans,” who refuse to simply clap quietly after landmark shots, and are instead rewarding golfers like Phil Mickelson with faux-Medieval shouts of appreciation.

The “Dilly, Dilly” wars came to a head at the Honda Classic in February when Justin Thomas had a fan forcibly ejected from the tournament for shouting at him while he teed off. Thomas later admitted he’d made a mistake and that his own actions actually made the situation worse, but not until after the “Dilly, Dilly” gauntlet had been thrown.

Such nonsense will not be allowed to deface the hallowed greens of Augusta, however, even if the occasional fan outburst does make golf somewhat more exciting.

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